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A huge welcome to our class page, we hope you enjoy looking at all our super learning.

Incredible Me!

Sesame Street: Dave Matthews and Grover Sing about Feelings

Dave Matthews is feeling a feeling that is not a very good feeling. Grover is feeling a feeling that is not a very good feeling as well. What feeling is that?
In R.E we have been thinking about feelings and emotions and this week we were thinking about all the different types of emotions and how some days you might not have a word to describe your feeling. We looked at different pictures of Grover and thought about how he might be feeling, by looking at his different facial expressions. In 1JR we have been using the emotional register to sign in on a morning - we are then able to speak about everyone's feelings and look after each other if they are feeling sad.

Word of the week: Courage

Following this terms collective worship theme we have chosen the word 'courage' this week so that the children can gain a clearer understanding of what it means.

We spoke with the children about times when they might of been courageous and brave and they told us some lovely stories.

We are excited to learn more about courage in collective worship assemblies with Mrs Esplin.

In English we have been talking all about healthy eating, what makes us healthy and our

favourite fruit. We had to guess what Miss Rodwell's favourite fruit was and then we used lots of adjectives to describe it - thinking about our 5 senses. 

We have been working on writing super sentences, thinking about using capital letters and full stops, finger spaces, cursive handwriting and writing neatly along the lines. 

We have been learning all about numbers this week. The children have been practising reading and matching number names to their numerals. We have been practising number formation of 3's and 5's.The children have also given some amazing reasoning answers when finding the missing number. 1JR have really impressed Miss Rodwell with their amazing maths skills, showing lots of energy and enthusiasm.  


Finding the numeral

Finding the numeral 1
Finding the numeral 2
Finding the numeral 3
Finding the numeral 4
Finding the numeral 5
Finding the numeral 6
Finding the numeral 7
Finding the numeral 8
Finding the numeral 9
Finding the numeral 10
Finding the numeral 11
Finding the numeral 12
Finding the numeral 13
Finding the numeral 14
Finding the numeral 15
Finding the numeral 16
Finding the numeral 17
Finding the numeral 18
Finding the numeral 19

1JR mission statement

  • We will work as a team and support each other’s learning
  • We will be proud of each other’s work
  • We will have an admirable attitude towards learning
  • We will use our imagination and be creative
  • We will ‘pop’ our way to success by setting targets and challenging ourselves
  • We will have lots of fun learning about the world around us
  • We will be the best that we can be!


This week we have had lots of fun getting to know our teachers and classroom. We have explored the superhero reading corner, made tall towers with multilink and also wowed Miss Rodwell with showing 5 at all times. This week we have also completed Maths, phonics and reading assessments.


We are also very happy to announce that 1JR got their first class merit on the first day back - impressing Mrs Bells with our super lining up and walking sensibly throughout school. Well done.

Word of the week: Admirable

This week Miss Rodwell chose 'Admirable' as the word of the week as 1JR have been showing an admirable attitude towards learning and throughout school. In circle time we discussed what this word means and the children came up with some amazing answers. We spoke about our heroes and why we admire them. We finished circle time by thinking about  the saying 'look up to'. We agreed that this what we say when we view someone with respect and admiration.

Take a look at our classroom

Take a look at our classroom 1
Take a look at our classroom 2
Take a look at our classroom 3
Take a look at our classroom 4
Take a look at our classroom 5
Take a look at our classroom 6