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1JR mission statement

  • We will work as a team and support each other’s learning
  • We will be proud of each other’s work
  • We will have an admirable attitude towards learning
  • We will use our imagination and be creative
  • We will ‘pop’ our way to success by setting targets and challenging ourselves
  • We will have lots of fun learning about the world around us
  • We will be the best that we can be!
Picture 1

Who is Oliver Jeffers?

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Picture 1
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Picture 8
Picture 1

WOW! What an achievement. Well done on getting your pen license, I know Mrs Esplin is very impressed with your handwriting!



Who is Tim Peake?

Picture 1

Tim Peake is a ESA astronaut who has travelled to the International Space Station where he did lots of investigations and experiments.

We asked the children 'Who is Tim Peake?' their responses were:

'He is a thinker'

'Tim Peake is a scientist'

'He is brave'


Picture 1
Picture 1

Year 1 were treated to a spectacular stargazing experience when the inflatable planetarium came to visit the school.

The children got to take a ride in Tim Peake's rocket, fly through the ice rings of Saturn, look at the constellations of stars, explore the moon, visit the blazing sun and explore our solar system. The children really experienced lots of 'awe' and 'wonder' during the visit. It was a great experience for all.

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Picture 2

We had lots of fun exploring different colours, media and materials as part of our art lesson. The children were very creative, using pastles, card, glitter and sticker stars.


The star shop was the highlight of our week!


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Super shapes!

In P.E this half term we have been focusing on gymnastics and creating different shapes and travelling in different ways. Ask your child to perform one of these super shapes: 







-front support

-back support


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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

We had lots of fun visiting the ICT suite on Friday, learning how to log into the computer and how to use Spellodrome. The children really impressed Miss Rodwell with their sensible behaviour and skills using the computers. The children were given chance to create their avatars on Spellodrome and also explore the different games. Please remind your child that they can access Spellodrome from home, their usernames and passwords are in the back of their reading records. 

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Who is Jesus?

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Into the Woods - Autumn 2

Our school trip to...

A huge thank you to Ruth and Mel at Nell Bank for such an amazing day out. We had so much fun at, pond dipping, playing in the water and minibeasting. We also learnt many new facts about animals and their habitats and learnt some fun science words which we can use throughout our new topic 'Into the Woods'. We helped baby badger complete his smelling homework by counting the different smells. We then met Mr Mole, who taught us that we can use all our senses to help us. We wore blindfolds and used rope to find our way around the trees. We then met the little mouse and big eyed owl who taught us about prey and how animals need to keep themselves safe in the trees. The children enjoyed making their way through the willow trees, carefully making their way to the other side so that the owl didn't hear or see them. To finish such a fantastic day, Ruth took us to the tunnel where we got to pretend to be rabbits and weasels. We enjoyed chasing each other through the tunnels. It was so lovely to see all the children having lots of fun and learning about senses and habitats.

1JR would also like to say a super duper thank you to our lovely helpers, Miss Cook, Miss Howarth and Mrs Knowles. We hope you will join us on our next school trip.

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Our poppies for Remembrance Day

Which one is the odd one out? Why?

In Maths we are focusing on reasoning. This week in Maths we will be learning about 2D shapes, focusing on their properties. Ask your child - which one of these shapes do they think is the odd one out.

Where do we live?

Where do we live? 1
Where do we live? 2
Where do we live? 3
Where do we live? 4
Where do we live? 5
Where do we live? 6
Where do we live? 7

Our Bonfire Night safety posters

Count to 100 everyday!

The children in 1JR love counting to 100 everyday. Miss Rodwell is really impressed with how quickly children have learnt to count to 100.

Look at our recounts of Ozzy's holiday adventures

Look at our recounts of Ozzy's holiday adventures 1
Look at our recounts of Ozzy's holiday adventures 2
Look at our recounts of Ozzy's holiday adventures 3
Look at our recounts of Ozzy's holiday adventures 4
Look at our recounts of Ozzy's holiday adventures 5
Look at our recounts of Ozzy's holiday adventures 6
Look at our recounts of Ozzy's holiday adventures 7
Look at our recounts of Ozzy's holiday adventures 8

Look what Ozzy got up to over half term!

Look what Ozzy got up to over half term! 1
Look what Ozzy got up to over half term! 2
Look what Ozzy got up to over half term! 3
Look what Ozzy got up to over half term! 4
Look what Ozzy got up to over half term! 5

Where is Ozzy?

Ozzy caught on CCTV. The children like to check the 'cctv' to see where Ozzy is. He was eating slugs and beetles.
Do you know? Hedgehogs do not like milk as it makes their tummy hurt.


To end the term - learning about courage, Miss Rodwell led KS1 collective worship and together we read The Selfish Crocodile story and thought about which animals were courageous.

We discussed why it is important to sometimes show courage and what we have learnt about courage this half term.

Can you think of a time when you have been courageous?



What do you know about Bessie Coleman? Who was she?

Doc and the toys meet an airplane pilot named Bess, a historical toy created in the likeness of the famous African-American female pilot, Bessie Coleman! After Donny accidentally leaves Oooey Gablooey out in the snow, Doc teaches him not to get too cold.
The children in 1JR loved learning about Bessie Coleman as part of Black History Day.

Pretending to be hedgehogs

Pretending to be hedgehogs  1
Pretending to be hedgehogs  2


The children have enjoyed practising their cursive handwriting. After lunchtime children are coming into the classroom, finding a whiteboard and pen and getting straight on with their lovely writing. 

We have been writing lots of common exception words for Year 1 so that we know how to spell these when it comes to our writing. 

You are all working really hard and Miss Rodwell can already see improvements with your super writing. Mrs Esplin also commented on how beautiful your writing is! Well done boys and girls.

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Families and Communities 

This week in R.E we have been talking about belonging. Together we had circle time and spoke about the families and communities belong to. We used google maps to find Bramley, we spoke about how we have a community where we live. We also found Bramley St Peter's church - we have a family here too and we love visiting church throughout the school year. We have a family at school, a family of kind and caring friends, teachers and support staff.

What communities do you belong to?

Human life cycle 

Ordinal numbers


Now we are really confident counting in 2's we have started learning about ordering numbers.

We went outside into the playground and had a race, we recorded our results. Back in the classroom we used our knowledge of ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd position) to write down our results. We then completed written sentences with our results. We understand how to work out who was the fastest, slowest or who finished in the middle. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Look at all the races we competed in!

Spooky settings and Speech bubbles


In English this week the children have been completing their spooky house setting writing using lots of adjectives and creating 2AD sentences.


We then moved on to learning about speech bubbles and what they are used for - the children have come up with some amazing ideas about the skeletons and their adventures.

Here is one of our class ideas:


The big skeleton said 'let's go to the seaside to eat lots of icecream'


The little skeleton replied 'can we go on a speedboat?'


The dog skeleton woofed and said 'yum - fish and chips'.



Harvest Festival

A huge thank you to all parents that joined us at our harvest festival congregation at church this week. It was lovely to see so many of you and the children 1JR were very excited. Thank you for all your contributions, the food bank are extremely appreciative.

Well done David for reading our class prayer - we are all very proud of you.  



We have had a very excited week learning about the big, little and dog skeleton who live in the dark dark house, on the dark dark street in the dark dark town. 

In English we worked together to order and retell the story of Funnybones. Children sequenced together the pictures and then wrote sentences, using adjectives to describe what happens throughout the spooky night.

The children have really enjoyed the Funnybones story - we have also made paper straw skeletons which look amazing on our incredible me display. 

Our self portraits

Our self portraits  1
Our self portraits  2

1JR School Council Members

1JR School Council Members  1

Look at our skeletons

Look at our skeletons 1
Look at our skeletons 2
Look at our skeletons 3
Look at our skeletons 4
Look at our skeletons 5
Look at our skeletons 6
Look at our skeletons 7
Look at our skeletons 8
Look at our skeletons 9
Look at our skeletons 10

Sesame Street: Dave Matthews and Grover Sing about Feelings

Dave Matthews is feeling a feeling that is not a very good feeling. Grover is feeling a feeling that is not a very good feeling as well. What feeling is that?
In R.E we have been thinking about feelings and emotions and this week we were thinking about all the different types of emotions and how some days you might not have a word to describe your feeling. We looked at different pictures of Grover and thought about how he might be feeling, by looking at his different facial expressions. In 1JR we have been using the emotional register to sign in on a morning - we are then able to speak about everyone's feelings and look after each other if they are feeling sad.

In English we have been talking all about healthy eating, what makes us healthy and our

favourite fruit. We had to guess what Miss Rodwell's favourite fruit was and then we used lots of adjectives to describe it - thinking about our 5 senses. 

We have been working on writing super sentences, thinking about using capital letters and full stops, finger spaces, cursive handwriting and writing neatly along the lines. 

We have been learning all about numbers this week. The children have been practising reading and matching number names to their numerals. We have been practising number formation of 3's and 5's.The children have also given some amazing reasoning answers when finding the missing number. 1JR have really impressed Miss Rodwell with their amazing maths skills, showing lots of energy and enthusiasm.  


Finding the numeral

Finding the numeral 1
Finding the numeral 2
Finding the numeral 3
Finding the numeral 4
Finding the numeral 5
Finding the numeral 6
Finding the numeral 7
Finding the numeral 8
Finding the numeral 9
Finding the numeral 10
Finding the numeral 11
Finding the numeral 12
Finding the numeral 13
Finding the numeral 14
Finding the numeral 15
Finding the numeral 16
Finding the numeral 17
Finding the numeral 18
Finding the numeral 19


This week we have had lots of fun getting to know our teachers and classroom. We have explored the superhero reading corner, made tall towers with multilink and also wowed Miss Rodwell with showing 5 at all times. This week we have also completed Maths, phonics and reading assessments.


We are also very happy to announce that 1JR got their first class merit on the first day back - impressing Mrs Bells with our super lining up and walking sensibly throughout school. Well done.

Take a look at our classroom

Take a look at our classroom 1
Take a look at our classroom 2
Take a look at our classroom 3
Take a look at our classroom 4
Take a look at our classroom 5
Take a look at our classroom 6