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Well done 3LK - class of the week! Well done James R - Mathlete of the week with 11,000 points. Great work!!

New Mathletics. Loved by the product developer at Mathletics - BSP, we've 'made his month'!

Gold number 9 and Gold number 10 for BSP!


Well done to Gabriel and Joshua B for earning their 1st Mathletics gold certificate.  An awesome achievement. Our children continue to enjoy their Mathletics and are loving 'new' Mathletics. 

4/5AG win again!

4/5AG win again!  1

New winners in Mathletics this week!


We say 'well done' to 4/5AG on winning the class trophy this week - their magnificent score of over 48,000 points is very impressive!  Can you beat that score next week?  3LK were second with a still impressive 30,000; and 4GW came in third with 28,000 points.


Well done to you all!


We also have a new winner of the individual trophy; with a score of 10,090 we say a massive 'CONGRATULATIONS' to Kaiah. In second place was Brya with 7,989 points and in third place was Gabriel with 3,477 points.


We also passed the 1,000th certificate mark this week and Luca was the lucky person who will be receiving a prize!



Gold number 8 for Bramley St. Peter's!


Well done and huge congratulations to Sophie O'Brien on getting your MATHLETICS GOLD CERTIFICATE!!

3 Golds! Well done Lore, Sara and Bradley. It's close this week for the class trophy - 1 more day to go...

3 Golds! Well done Lore, Sara and Bradley.  It's close this week for the class trophy - 1 more day to go... 1
Looking forward to some of our children earning their gold certificates this week; Sara from Year 6, Lore from Year 5 and our very first Year 4 pupil to get gold - Bradley!

Well done 5CC who are our champions again!

Well done 5CC who are our champions again!  1
We now have 4 Mathletes who have earned their Gold certificates.  We done to our latest Mathletes - Chris and Joshua; both from 5CC.  

We are GOLD!!!


What a week for BSP Mathletes! We celebrated not 1, but 2 gold Mathletes.  A massive 'well done' to Amelia and Tafadzwa.  They were presented with their certificates in Collective Worship by Mrs Esplin and they have even had a song named after their achievement ('Gold' by a group called Spandau Ballet). Tafadzwa didn't even realise he had got his Gold - he couldn't have looked any more surprised if he had received an Oscar! Below is a summary of our top Mathletes and the scores for the week.  Well done to 4/5AG who are participating more - we do wonder if the up and coming year 3 children are posing a threat to the older children?


Two out of our top Mathletes are from lower key stage 2 as well!  Topping the table with over 10,000 points is Sara S from year 6 but closely behind her are Leah F and Kaiah W from year 3.   5CC won class of the week - will anyone catch them next week?...


Our wonderful Mathletes this week scored almost 200,000 points on their activities.  A great achievement! Year 3 children have really entered into the spirit and have earned 25 certificates between the two classes.  Together, year 3 have gained more points than the other year groups! Please have a look at the screenshot below at our top 10 Mathletes!  Well done to Sara, Ben and Ndanatsei.

Class of the week is 5CC with a magnificent score of 66,399 points - this is one third of our total points for the week!  

Our top 10 this week.

Our top 10 this week. 1

Welcome to the newest Mathletes here at Bramley St. Peter's.  Our Year 3 children now have their usernames and passwords and are starting to explore the wonderful world of maths though activities and problems on Mathletics.  Three of our 3SW children have even made it onto our top 10 board for this week.  Well done to Tino, Marc and Benjamin. Noah and Archie also earned their first bronze certificate! 

Children in 3LK will be guided through Mathletics on Tuesday and we hope they enjoy using the program, to further improve their maths skills, as much as the children in 3SW are.

Class and Mathlete of the week 19th to 26th February


5CC are our winners this week, closely followed by 6VH, with 4GW in 3rd place.  We are looking forward to next week when we hope all of year 3 are up and running and giving the older children some competition!  

Well done 5CC - the trophy returns to you this week!


Our Mathlete of the week is Sara with a creditable 12,108 points.  She is closely followed by Ben who managed to score 11,641 points.  In third place is one of our youngest Mathletes, Tino (with 5,535 points), which gained him his first ever bronze certificate. 

Well done to all 3 Mathletes.

Screenshot of this week's top Mathletes.

Screenshot of this week's top Mathletes. 1

What is Mathletics?


Mathletics switches kids on to maths!  That's what Mathletics tell us - but what do our children say? Oliver in Year 6 says 'It's helping me to prepare for SAT's while having fun, I've got faster by just playing!'


  • There are over 1200 interactive activities

  • Each child earns points which they can use to create their own avatar

  • There is a 'live' function where children can be in competition with children all over the world or with children in their class  

  • Each activity adapts automatically, evolving as students progress in understanding

  • Results data is sent directly to the teacher who can track their progress

  • Teachers assign tasks for children to complete at home and at our daily Mathletics clubs


All children in Years 4 to 6 do Mathletics and after half term, Year 3 children will be able to take part too!


We have Mathletics clubs Monday to Thursday mornings before school - please see Mrs Taylor for details of how your child can join.  We also have clubs on Tuesday lunchtime for Year 5 children; Wednesday lunchtime for Year 6 children and Thursday lunchtime for Year 4 children. There are on average 20 to 27 children at the lunchtime sessions. Children can complete homework in these clubs, and children who don't have access to a computer at home are given priority. 


Each week we have a celebration at the end of Collective Worship when we give out certificates and we name the Mathlete of the Week and Mathletics Class of the Week.


Mathlete of the Week and Class of the Week


Date Score Mathlete Class 
9-15 Jan 10,094 Sara Smith 6HC
16-22 Jan 7,626 Brya Dudson 4GW
23-29 Jan 20,050 Nieve Dome 5CC
30 Jan-05 Feb 25,185 Oliver Northfield 6HC
6-12 Feb 21,893 Sara Smith 6VH



Some of our children have even managed to get onto the top 100 Mathletes in the world! Oliver Northfield got to number 6.  

We have had 3 of our classes in the top 50 schools in the world!

Our children are certainly using Mathletics more and more.  Look how many certificates they have earned over the last 5 weeks...


Date Bronze Certificates Silver Certificates
9-15 Jan 24 5
16-22 Jan 20 4
23-29 Jan 52 11
30 Jan-05 Feb 80 9
6-12 Feb 50 13