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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care 


At Bramley St. Peter's C of E Primary School, we have a team of people who are responsible for the pastoral care of our children. Mrs Lambert is our Wellbeing Lead. Part of her role includes promoting children's safety and wellbeing, monitoring attendance and running specific interventions such as nurture groups or social skills groups.  Mrs Lambert works alongside Mrs Bell and together they are our Mental Health 1st Aiders for our children.


Mrs Lambert and Mrs Bell provide 1-1 support, small group support or whole class support. They use a range of strategies including music and movement therapy, drawing and talking therapy, art and crafts, workbooks on topics such as anxiety, stress, bereavement, behaviour management, anger management, friendships, family relationships/breakdowns, trauma and self-esteem.  By providing this care, we believe that children will then be able to learn and to reach their true potential.


We work with external agencies if more intensive support is needed. This is provided by Bramley Cluster and includes access to counsellors.  Sometimes we may refer families and children to Mindmate if a referral to CAMHS is needed or to our Educational Psychologist (in conjunction with our SENDCo Mrs Prouse).


We work in partnership with our PSHE Lead, Mrs Parkinson and are part of the PSHE team.  To enable children to have the best possible start to each half term, they take part in a Healthy Inside and Out day on the first day back to school where the whole day is taken over by the Mindmate curriculum and children complete activities to support and nurture their health and well-being. 


Each class in school has a daily check in board which links to our Positive Regard and Zones of Regulation training and the children indicate the zone they are in. The classroom-based staff monitor the boards and will either discuss any concerns directly with children or seek out the support of Mrs Lambert or Mrs Bell. Some children have named members of staff who check in with them daily. 


Children can be signposted to Mrs Lambert or Mrs Bell for support by either staff or the childrens' parents or carers.  Sometimes children will identify themself that they need some extra support.  A short profile is completed, to ascertain the reason/s for support and a plan is then completed which is shared with the child, class staff and parents/carers.  The plan is reviewed on a regular basis and may include targets.  


Children know they can access support from Mrs Lambert and Mrs Bell and are reassured that they can speak to any member of staff in school about their worries, in confidence (of course safeguarding protocol will be adhered to).  



All children feel anxious at some point during their school experience, this is a normal part of development. Anxiety can be displayed in many different ways, fear, worry, tummy ache, tears or aggression. Children experience anxiety for many different reasons, moving house, homework, parent's separation or friendships and may not want to talk about it because they are embarrassed, scared or ashamed.


As parents and carers we worry about how to help. Below is a list of simple techniques to try at home:-

  • Don't panic!
  • Encourage your child to open up about their feelings, give them time to talk, share your own anxieties as a child.
  • Model calm behaviour. Managing your own anxiety to  show children it can be achieved.
  • Encourage good eating (reduce caffeinated, high sugar drinks and foods), regular exercise, hobbies, sufficient sleep and connection with friends. When young people are well rested and relaxed, they will be in a better mental state to handle fears or worries.
  • Talk to school, sharing a problem gives more opportunities for support.
  • Don't avoid the things that make your child anxious, accept their concerns but don't empower them. Avoidance reinforces the anxiety. If the anxiety becomes problematic or concerning look at seeking external support via school or your GP.

The following website can also provide help and advice:-



We support families accessing the Team Around the Child or Child Protection processes, liaising with Social care. The pastoral team works closely with, and can provide links to, external agencies should these be required.

We will always welcome you to contact school should you have any worries or are experiencing challenges in school or at home. Any change in home life, no matter how small can influence your children in school. We are here to support both you and your child.

All information will of course be treated confidentially unless there is concern over child safety.



Supporting families to help improve the attendance of all our children is a key aim for the school. Under the direction of Mrs Finn (our Deputy Headteacher), Mrs Lambert and Mrs Bell work together to help monitor attendance and provide families with support when needed. 


Restorative Approaches

Bramley St. Peter’s C of E Primary School is on a journey to become a fully restorative school in the approach that we take to resolving behavioural incidents and building relationships. See our school Behaviour Policy for more details. 

All of our members of staff have been trained in ‘Restorative Approaches’ and we believe that this approach teaches children about the effect of their own behaviours and how to work together in a positive way. The children are taught that our actions have consequences, but all incidents are dealt with in a fair, consistent manner through the use of question cards carried by all staff:

1. What happened?

2. What were you THINKING and FEELING at the time?

3. How did this make other people feel?

4. Who has been affected and how?

5. What should we do to put things right?

These questions are intended to help children to find a positive outcome for themselves in light of any negative events.


Central to this is developing our children's ability to form positive relationships. Therefore each class in school has circle time where they may talk through any issues that may have arisen and look for ways to solve any problems together. They also may look at other aspects of our PSHE curriculum during the circle time sessions.


Pupil Voice

We encourage our children to have their voice heard by taking part in our School Council.  Each class has two representatives and meet together to discuss how we can make Bramley St. Peter’s the best school we can!  The children are democratically elected and all children are actively encouraged to apply to be a Councillor.


We also ask our Year 5 children to nominate themselves to be put forward as a candidate to be the Leeds Children’s Lord Mayor, which is a citywide competition.


Our Year 5 and 6 children take part in a city-wide survey each year called My Health; My School.  The children from Years 3 and 4 take part in a survey designed by the Pastoral Team, especially for them.  We analyse their anonymous replies to the questions asked and those answers inform and help us to improve our practice. 


All of our pastoral care takes place under the umbrella of our Christian ethos and our path of Journeying Together with God. Together, we aim to look after our children in a holistic way; supporting their social, emotional well-being, their physical health, teaching them to be the citizens of the future – surrounded by love, nurture, challenge and encouragement.  We help them to uphold our values: Discover – Nurture – Respect.