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School Council 21-22

School Councillors meet Leeds Councillors to present petition to get our benches back!

We met with our local councillors today to present them with our petition in support of the Stand Up to Sit Down campaign to have all 22 benches reinstalled at Bramley Shopping Centre.


School Council 2019/2020

We believe: ‘Different skills are made up of different thoughts from different personalities with different capabilities.’


We all have skills which we can bring to make our School Council great!

Those skills are:

  • Being organised
  • Speaking out loud
  • Wanting to make good changes for our school
  • Having many good ideas
  • Being helpful
  • Being responsible
  • Being kind and caring
  • Including everyone
  • Being loyal, confident and trustworthy
  • Wanting to meet and talk to new people
  • Being a good listener
  • Sharing good ideas
  • Being curious
  • Confident at talking
  •  Being experienced

School Council 2019/2020

Child friendly PSHE policy written by our school council in June19

Meeting the Governors May 19

Council meeting April 2019


The children talked about being happy in school and identified 'the new lunchtimes' as a big thing which makes them happy!

They said which areas they liked the best...

traditional games x 1

skipping x 2

hockey x 3

quiet area x 4

football x 2

construction x 2

active x 2

friendship area x 2

playing on the grass x 2

trim trail x 2


Some children are spoiling the quiet area by jumping on the cushions and being silly there.  Our chairs of the council discussed this with Mrs Esplin and Miss Carter who said they would remind the children about being silly in the quiet area.  

Children have now started to share things which hasn't happened before, and they like it.

Our school council interviewed our Chair of governors!

School Council Meeting 10th January 2019

School council report to governors May 18

Minutes of School Council meeting February 2018

We looked at our questionnaire about our experience in the dining room. Mrs Lambert fed back about Mrs Esplin’s meeting with the lunchtime staff. The lunchtime staff have agreed not to use a whistle in the dining room. We think that the dining room is now a better place to eat in, it is not as noisy as it was. We think there is still room for much more improvement though so we have come up with a list of rules which we would like to introduce next week in Collective Worship.


  • Use your manners at all times
  • Use an inside voice
  • Be patient and put your hand up – then wait!
  • Show respect for everyone
  • Use walking feet
  • Line up sensibly
  • Try not to waste food


We still would like the golden table or golden ticket to be re-introduced. We would like the dinner ladies to give out stickers to the children who do the right thing. We would like the box for footballs to be there every lunchtime.


Mrs Roe who is the Chair of our FAB PTA came in and talked to us about the forest school. She told us that there is a Lottery Fund bid and that we are waiting to hear if it has been successful. Mrs Roe said that if it not successful, we still have money to spend to get the forest school up and running. She said we have spent some money getting the site secure – putting up a fence. We talked about some of our ideas (camping, a pond, a treehouse, den making, minibeasts, bird feeders, monkey bars, penguin bins because we can’t have penguins, fact sheets on different animals). We had so many ideas we asked her to look on the school website at the minutes from our meeting in November and she will see lots more ideas!


We didn’t get chance to talk much about the decorated egg competition for Easter but we agreed this at our last meeting.



Minutes of School Council meeting January 2018

The council met to talk about the questionnaire which had been given out in December. Here are our ideas. Quite a few people said the same things – we have underlined and made bold the comments we think were the most important.

How can we improve the atmosphere in the dining room?


Discussion suggestions:

How should we behave in the dining room?

How can we reduce noise in the dining room?

How can we have less queues?

How do we remind children to say please and thank you?

  • Sensibly – don’t throw food on the floor; speak respectfully and don’t be too loud; only speak to the people on your table; use your manners – please and thank you; don’t shout; don’t just go into the dining hall on your own; put your hand up if you want to speak to staff; don’t bang your tray against the bin.
  • Make the dinner time longer; let Key Stage 1 go in a bit earlier; people need to stop waiting for their friends and holding the line up; could we have more tables?
  • Every time children don’t say please and thank you, remind them to say it; have some posters in the dining room; create a display
  • Big people need little voices
  • Dinner ladies to give out stickers to all of the children doing the right thing
  • Bring back the Golden ticket so that people who are always behaving well are praised
  • Have some teachers in the dining room
  • Respect everyone equally
  • Mindful music on
  • More calming, encouraging displays
  • More incentives to be quiet
  • A new way to make a warning – we really don’t like the whistle
  • More bins
  • A class at a time not a year group
  • More servers
  • Have a rhyme
  • Letters to go home as a reminder
  • Remind children to show 5
  • For children who still shout – they need to eat in silence in the adventure room
  • A reminder on lunchboxes to say please and thank you and reminders on the wall behind the servers
  • 1 year group in the dining room at a time
  • Remember to say to the cooks ‘thank you for the lovely dinners’
  • Remember to have bands ready to drop in the box


What do we think of the craze of the week in the playground?


Discussion suggestions:

Do we need instructions on how to use some of the equipment?

How do we make sure everyone is getting a fair chance to play with the equipment?

What other craze of the week ideas do you have?


  • Yes, some of the games do need instructions
  • Share; two year groups a day could have a designated day for craze of the week;
  • Have a certain amount of time for each class/year group;
  • Dinner staff to play with groups so that they can make sure it’s fair
  • Different types of balls would be good
  • Wake up shake up
  • A jungle gym
  • A train track so you can just drive all round the playground
  • Put instructions next to the hopscotch
  • Friday assembly announce what the next week’s craze is going to be
  • Except for 1 teacher supervising the toilet, all other adults play with the children
  • Races, hoops, jumping equipment, trampoline, musical statues
  • Timers so everyone gets a chance
  • Rota
  • Make it a bigger deal
  • Year 6 ambassadors
  • Change it more often – has been balancing for weeks

If we had some money to spend on new playground equipment or to enhance craze of the week, what you would like to buy?

Discussion suggestions:

Some children do not like all of the active equipment, what else could we have in the playground so we don’t get bored?

What other activity equipment would you like?

What else could we put in the playground to improve behaviour?


  • Scooters/bikes;
  • cricket, baseball,
  • batting games;
  • more basketballs and nets;
  • board games out on the benches;
  • football nets
  • Lunchtime staff need to make sure they are keeping an eye on the children; the dinner ladies need to spread out because sometimes there’s one in the bottom and then the rest are at the top
  • Colouring table for the people who sometimes just want to sit quietly – could this be in the adventure room?
  • Football nets for the grass
  • Rugby posts
  • Den building stuff
  • Mazes
  • Chill out area
  • More shelters
  • Boomerangs
  • Different things for reception
  • Places specifically to read/write/practice spellings
  • Trimtrail swings
  • Obstacle course
  • Balance bikes
  • A doll’s house
  • Chess club
  • Getting everyone involved with games eg tig
  • Giant chalk
  • Den building
  • Ferris wheel so we can get so high


Some of the councillors had some questions they would like me to ask. Why is the forest school not up and running yet? When it is, please can we have class sleepovers? Can we have picnics and can we have a treehouse?

School council Meeting 15th November


This is our questionnaire which we have sent out to all of our classes:-


Dear class,

We had a school council meeting this week and we talked about lunchtimes. We need to ask all of the children some questions so we can meet with Mrs Esplin next week. Please could you find time in your PSHE lesson or circle time to fill in this questionnaire? We have added some discussion suggestions but please come up with as many different ideas as you can.


How can we improve the atmosphere in the dining room?


Discussion suggestions:

How should we behave in the dining room?

How can we reduce noise in the dining room?

How can we have less queues?

How do we remind children to say please and thank you?


What do we think of the craze of the week in the playground?


Discussion suggestions:

Do we need instructions on how to use some of the equipment?

How do we make sure everyone is getting a fair chance to play with the equipment?

What other craze of the week ideas do you have?



If we had some money to spend on new playground equipment or to enhance craze of the week, what you would like to buy?

Discussion suggestions:

Some children do not like all of the active equipment, what else could we have in the playground so we don’t get bored?

What other activity equipment would you like?

What else could we put in the playground to improve behaviour?



School  Council Meeting 11th October and completed ideas from the forest school questionnaires.


We welcomed the whole council to the meeting and elected our committee - 


Chair: Ellie

Vice chair - nominations in writing to Ellie before the next meeting

Secretary: Lilly-May

Treasurers: Jessica and Chloe

IT: Ndanatsei and Grace


We welcomed our visitor, Mrs Falkiner who is our chair of governors. We said what we thought governors do and Mrs Falkiner told us that governors support the school, the children and the staff; that governors challenge the teachers, challenge Mrs Esplin and are there to help the teachers and Mrs Esplin make the school safe and happy.  They have a responsibility to make sure we have everything in good order for when we have an Ofsted visit.  Some of the children could describe what an Ofsted visit was - people who come and look around school and make sure it's a good place for children to learn and they also look at our results like parents do, to decide if it's a good school for their child.    


These are the ideas our council brought to the meeting today after discussing the forest school with their classes:


What do you think a forest school is?


Learning about nature; a school with a forest next to it; a school built inside a forest; a play forest; a den we can go in and play; a safe place for certain animals; outdoor classroom; a place for all children and staff; a place to explore and discover new things; animals in ponds;  a place to watch animals; outdoor play area; cooking and eating; a school where there is a green uniform and a tree as their symbol; it’s outside; where animals can go to build their homes and be safe; a place where you can go and relax if you’re feeling sad; a nature area for kids to enjoy; a place where you can chill whilst learning; an idea area; if you’re learning about bugs you can go and find them; something that is full of trees with lots of leaves; bushes to hide in.


What would you like to see in our forest school?


Tree houses; snakes and different mini-beasts; squirrels; nature decorations; butterflies and insects; trees next to the big badge; underground playground made with strong, clear glass; planting area for fruit trees and plants; shelter when it rains; animal shelters; bird hide; survival course; Easter hunt; number and counting hunts; acting; building; movie night; bug hotel; wishing well; telescope; bird feeders; bird houses; gnomes; dens made of wood; pie face; flowers; special seats and benches; trim trail with natural resources like logs and rocks.tents; greenhouse; animals that can be picked up like spiders and ladybirds; fish tanks; trees, mud and grass to encourage things to live in it; a club house;  a tree house with information sheet about bugs you might see; a club house; big models of animals; a willow tunnel; musical area; penguins; fitness area; lovely little houses – dens; have an area with swings – a few, not to spoil the nature; hedgehogs; baby bunnies; frogs; benches; stream with stepping stones; supervisors to feed animals; music outside; talking parrots to come and see us; interactive animal question board; statues of animals; deer; pond with a little bridge; a place to watch nature at different stations; an ant farm; a section to read facts; a peaceful area; a camp fire and read scary stories and have hot chocolate; sheltered area with bean bags, blankets; various plant posts labelled with facts; vegetable patch for children to care for.


What would you like to do in our forest school?


Run around; pond dipping; explore and play; discover different species; carving wood; lunch and picnics; have adventures; archery; climbing; donkey rides; bike sheds; feeding and learning about animals; learn about creatures; learn about nature; grow flowers; links to history – stone age (rocks, writing); links to science and English; overnight camp; fires we can light; acting; sketching birds; build dens; see how creatures catch their prey; dig for worms; outdoor art and craft; making fires and toasting marshmallows; mini-beast hunts; outdoor disco; gymnastics; investigating; mud pies; build things; let it be open at playtime; take photographs; do art; whiteboard for outdoor maths; logs to have a whole lesson out there, to sit on; study habitats; hold animals; school camps; sleepovers; explore the wild; have fun and relax; learn about ant nests; learn/draw/observe/paint; build model boats; make things with nature; reading; learning about the outdoors by exploring; survival lessons; lessons in summer out there.


How could we raise some money to help us to pay for our forest school?


Stalls for people to buy things; a fair; toy sale; bun sale; sponsored sports; performances; raffle; dress up as animals; fancy dress day; sponsored run, jump or skip; non uniform day; book fair money; face painting; sell old things from home; talent show; lollipop sale; fun day; sell hot dogs; make a charity for animal food; a car boot sale; candy stall; 2p’s all around the playground in a line; non uniform day wearing something green for nature/forest school; sponsored football/penalty shoot out/rugby; sell bug toys; pay to put something in a time capsule; cake and sweet sale; jumble sale; sell Autumn pictures and crafts; sponsored dance; games like splat the Headteacher (!); fashion show; make and sell cards; Christmas fair; hot drinks for parents.

School Council 2017

New Council elected!!


We have elected our new council and minutes from our first meeting are below.  We are so proud that we have two representatives from each year group from Reception to Year 6 as well as some  co-opted councillors who represented BSP at the Leeds Youth Summit in July.


School Council Meeting 25th September 2017

Welcome to all of our new school councillors. We met today for our first meeting of the year. We had our photos taken for the display (outside the photocopier room); we talked about how we were voted onto the council; we talked about why we need a school council. A list of our ideas is on the display. We looked at the different jobs which need to be filled for our council to be successful and to run efficiently. We went outside to look at our forest school site and had a big discussion on what we would like the forest school to be like.

We said that we are representatives for our classes (from Reception to Year 6). Some councillors were elected by making posters or by making a speech to tell our class why we wanted to be a councillor and what skills we could bring to the council.

We decided we needed a Chair person to be in charge of the council (a bit like Mrs Esplin does for the whole school - taking care of everyone and making sure that everyone's OK); we need a fundraising team; we need a secretary to take the minutes of the meetings. We also need someone who will be our link with the governors to let them know what we have been discussing and to find ways they can help us.

Our council  is made up of Ndanatsei, Lilly May, Ava, Lore, Luca, Charlie, Daniel, Grace, Finlay, Albert, Mollie, Ellie, Chloe, Jack, Roman, Max, Eleanor, Jessica, Charlotte, Keira, Lewis, Nathaniel, James, Sam, Isobel, Archie, Freya, Olivier and Emily.

At our first meeting we went outside and looked at where our new forest school is going to be. We have lots of ideas about what we would like in the forest school but we need to feed back to the rest of the children in the class now and get their ideas too.  We will then meet together in the council and we would like to ask Mrs Falkiner (our Chair of Governors), Mrs Mullarkey and Mrs Bell to come so we can give them our ideas. Here is the questionnaire which we will fill in with our class:



School Council Questionnaire about our new forest school.

We went outside to look at the area where our forest school is going to be and we are really excited about it.

We shared some of our ideas about what should be in the forest school but we would love to hear your ideas which we can then take back to our next council meeting. We thought about making a bug hotel, making a pond for fish, frogs, tadpoles, and lily pads. We thought about some bird feeders to encourage different species of birds to come into the school. We would like to dig a pit which we can have a fire in with wooden seating all around. We would like to use it all year round so we need some wellies and waterproofs. We would like a nature trail. You can include any of our ideas as well as thinking of some of your own.

Our council think that it may cost a lot of money to make our forest school how we would like it to be so we need to think about raising some funds to help. Please could we have some ideas on fundraising?


School council representatives:

What do you think a forest school is?


What would you like to see in our forest school?


What would you like to do in our forest school?


How could we raise some money to help us to pay for our forest school?



The council meet the governors!


Today our whole school council met with the full governing body to tell them what the council have been up to this year. It was very busy in our conference room! The children spoke confidently and clearly and we think the governors were a little impressed with them!  


We showed the governors pictures of our growth mindset characters from the initial drawings to the completed characters. We talked about school dinners and our meeting with Sharon. We talked about Easter egg colouring in competition - which we had over 150 entries for and raised £70 which we split between Comic Relief and our forest school. We told the governors about the City Council asking for our views on what worries us and also about the Children's Mayor competition.  We spoke a little bit about sending some of our children to he Leeds City Voice Summit. It took quite a long time to read out everything!


The governors asked loads of questions -especially Vicar Paul and we tried our best to answer them. 


Our next meeting is going to be about Recycling - Reusing - Reducing.  

This was the presentation we made to the governors...


Hello Governors and welcome to Bramley St. Peter’s. We are your school council and are from Reception classes all the way up to Year 6. To be on the school council we all had to do a presentation or a poster to say what we could do to represent our class and why we would be a good councillor.


On our first council meeting we discussed why we have a council and we wrote these down and presented them on our school council board along with our photographs. Have you seen our school council board? 


This year we have looked at many topics including meeting with Sharon who cooks our food. 13 of the school council have school dinners. Sharon explained the menus to us and asked us what our favourite food is. Lots of us like the roast dinners. We asked her why we don’t have chips every day and she explained that she has to make food for a balanced diet and so we are only allowed chips once a week – usually on a Friday when we have fish. We said that we shouldn't have chips every day because we are a healthy school. She asked us whether we like the omelettes because they are on the menu for September. We said that we did like the omelettes. We asked if she could start making meatballs with spaghetti and she wrote this down. Sharon told us that she cooks dinners each day for 190 of our children and 170 for children from a different school. That makes 360 dinners and puddings every day. When Sharon makes a pudding, she uses 90 eggs and all of our food is freshly made every day. We try to cut down on waste food by ordering our dinners a day early so Sharon knows how many of each dinner she needs to cook. We said we would like to grow some of our own food.


We have helped to choose the characters for Growth Mindset this year. We chose our favourites from the original designs drawn by children and we tried to come up with our top 4. We know the teachers chose their favourites and parents chose theirs. We all seemed to like the same ones. The designs were sent to the printers and the school council had to look at those designs and decide what we liked or didn’t like about them. We had lots of discussions about this and we asked Sara who is our chairperson to present our comments to Mrs Esplin. She listened to our ideas and she told the printers what the final design was going to be. We now have our Professor Perseverance, Captain Challenge, Inspector Independence and Major Mistake.


As well as meeting Sharon and spending a long time on Growth Mindset characters, we have also talked about lots of other things. We decided we wanted to celebrate Easter by having a competition. This year we decided to have a colouring in competition but next year we would like to do some decorated eggs.


We have talked about how we can improve our school and thought about having more assemblies run by the school council. We like the class assemblies on a Friday. We asked our own classes what they like about assemblies and they said they like singing ones and ones where children have to take part.


We have talked about the forest school and we are excited about when it gets going – we think we should have fires that we can sit around and toast marshmallows. We are waiting for our new playground equipment and we hope we get it soon.


We talked about everything in our local community that upsets us or makes us sad. We have a very long list of our concerns and we had to choose our top 3 to send to the council for them to look at. Our top 3 were dog dirt, broken glass and anti-social behaviour in parks; more police on the streets; and bullying in high schools. Other things which we worry about are: more streetlights, more local parks, litter, spitting in public, rude graffiti, less teenage gangs, young people’s mental health and more learning in school. We talked about making a graffiti wall so people could write in one place, having more art around the city, raising money for charity and raising money for our forest school. Our Reception children did not have any problems or concerns at all.


We talked about the children's mayor competition and what being a mayor means. We have decided that some of our year 5 children are going to be asked to put together a manifesto based on the issues above which we sent off to the council and they have used some of our ideas in the Mayor competition.


We are taking some of our council representatives to the Leeds Voice Summit in June – this will be an opportunity for our children to get together with hundreds of councilors from other schools to discuss issues which they feel strongly about and to give feedback on how the City Council hears pupil voice in Leeds.


Thank you for listening to our presentation – do you have any questions for us?



We decided to have the Easter egg decorating competition and guess what - we had over 150 entries! Our lovely lunchtime supervisors had a really tough time choosing  the winners but eventually they did manage to pick their favourites (hop over to the home page to see this week's newsletter). We will be displaying all of the entries in school; all we need to  do is find a space big enough to show them off!


At our next meeting we are hoping to have a visitor from the kitchen to talk to us about school dinners. We will be sharing with her what we like about the dinners and what we feel could be improved - if anything!


Happy Easter everyone from your School Council.


Minutes of our recent School Council meeting


  • We thought about what we would like to do this year to celebrate Easter through art.  We decided to ask our classes whether they would like to decorate a hard boiled egg using collage or paint; or whether they would like to colour in a pre-printed egg.  We hope to get the results from the classes by Tuesday so we will send out a letter as soon as we can so you can get cracking...
  • We talked about asking everyone to donate an Easter egg (including all of the teachers).  The eggs could be big or small.  These would be collected in and allocated a raffle ticket number.  Every child in school would be given a raffle ticket! We thought we could have a bigger 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize too. The council said that they worry that some children get very upset if they get a raffle ticket and don't win anything so we wanted to make sure every child in school was a winner!  We think this is eggsactly the right thing to do!  Some of the council wondered if we should charge for raffle tickets but others thought that because we are already going to be raising money for Red Nose Day and families will be providing the eggs anyway, that we should not charge them. We will not be beaten!!  No poaching our ideas though! 
  • We had a sneak preview of the characters which we helped to design for Growth Mindset.  We are liking Captain Challenge, Professor Perseverance, Major Mistake and Inspector Independence. 
  • We talked about our next project! Mrs Lambert told us we are going to be having some lovely people coming into school to do some cooking with families.  We would like to look into the possibility of creating our very own recipe book.  Watch this space for more information...


Update from our meeting on the 6th January


Sara met with Mrs Esplin and explained what we discussed in our meeting.  Mrs Esplin has written down our suggestions for the characters and will work on them with the printers.

We showed her our ideas on improving our school.  Some of our ideas are already in the process of being actioned! Mrs Esplin is already looking at having the dining room modernised; we have a playground bin coming soon which will be used with our new playground equipment; she will talk to the council about being included more in assemblies; she would like the council to make posters to tell children to look after our school and to pick up litter.


Mrs Esplin has also asked to come to our next meeting - we look forward to seeing her there. 

School Council meeting 5th January 2017 

After a lovely break for Christmas, our School Council met and had a very busy meeting. Everyone was excited because we had our meeting in the conference room! It was a packed agenda and Sara, our Chair kept us busy for the whole time.


Firstly we looked at the proofs from the printers for the characters which we helped to choose in our last meeting. We divided up into 4 groups and each group wrote down their comments on each character.  It would be fair to say that the Council had mixed feelings about some of the characters, but we know that when the final decision is made on what the characters will look like,  our voice will have been heard.


Most of the Council felt that the design which was printed of Inspector Independence was not bright and colourful enough, he looked too 'ordinary' (even though he will have a school badge on his jumper).  


We really liked Professor Perseverance and Major Mistake. 


Captain Challenge has mixed reviews - some children liked the 'CH' on her shirt but some others felt she looked a little too young. We discussed that the characters are representative of children aged from 4 to 11 so they are not all going to look the same age. 


We then went on to talk about how we would like to improve our school.  We said that we would like Mrs Esplin to know our ideas so Sara is going to meet with her.


Here are some of our ideas:

Our biggest concern is how much litter there is around school - we have been learning about responsibility in our Collective Worship and we think that the children in school need us to remind them not to drop their litter. 


We said that we felt children should be involved in Collective Worship more and that the Council would like to do an assembly for the rest of the school. 


Nearly everyone said that we have too many plain walls in school and we would like to see them  with more colour on them, (or something creative) like artwork.


We said it would be nice to see some more visitors in school - like Governors, and also we would like to go on more school trips!


Sara is going to let us know about her meeting with Mrs Esplin. 

School Council Meeting 21st November 


Mrs Esplin asked our school council for help in choosing the design for our Growth Mindset characters.  After lots of discussion, we managed to choose our favourite designs for all 4 characters - Professor Perseverance, Inspector Independence, Major Mistake and Captain Challenge.  The finalists will now go forward to our parents and carers at our Growth Mindset open morning. The council were very impressed with the standard of all of the entries.


We also voted for the chair of the council - Sara from year 6 is our new chair.  Well done Sara!

Welcome to our new School Council page.


Our school councillors for 2016/17 are:-

RLM Chloe

RJC Harry

1LN Isobelle and Logan

1RC Adam

2ED Laila and Benjamin

2LH Elliot and Olivia H 

3LK Kaiah and Caylem

3SW Olivia M and Benjamin

4GW Michael and Brya

4/5AG Rosanna and Max

5CC Ellie and Lore

6VH Jules and Becki

6HC Ryan and Olivia A

Co-opted members are Sara and Lillie


Photographs of the children will be posted soon!





Minutes of our meeting on November 9th.


Each member introduced themselves and said which class they were representing.

We learned about how a school council works and thought about the roles which we need to fill - a chairperson and a secretary.

We discussed why we have a school council - here are our thoughts:-

  • to help school to be a better place
  • to change things for the better
  • to improve our school (assemblies and lessons and equipment)
  • to show kindness to everyone
  • to set up games
  • to be ambassadors for growth mindset
  • to help other children to learn
  • to set a good example of being a good friend
  • to address community issues
  • to help everyone feel safer at school
  • to help people
  • to promote recycle, reuse and reduce
  • to be role models
  • to lead growth mindset challenges
  • to take ideas from our class to the meetings
  • to feedback ideas from the meetings to our class.