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Visions and Values

At Bramley St Peter’s Church of England (VA) Primary School we serve the community by providing a happy, secure and caring Christian environment where all are valued and respected.  We pride ourselves on being friendly and welcoming.  We believe in the uniqueness of the individual and recognise the range of contributions that each can make.


We provide for the spiritual, emotional, physical, mental and social development of the whole child.  We seek to foster self-esteem and a sense of responsibility to others and the world around them. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence, and the school curriculum aims to offer all children a broad and balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum which provides consistency and continuity of teaching throughout the school, enabling every child to maximise their potential.

We work in partnership with parents, the local church, the wider community and other schools to provide an education of the highest quality.

Our Core Values


Honesty:              it helps us to be truthful and sincere

Aspiration:          a will to succeed

Potential:            the possibility for growth

Perseverance:     to keep moving forward, not to give up and be resilient

Inspiration:         ‘I dream of painting and I paint my dream.’ Vincent Van Gogh

Nurture:             to feed, protect, support and encourage every child

Encouragement:  we recognise that praise is one of our most powerful tools

Staff:                 a dedicated and talented workforce who have created a strong

                           ethos of high expectations and who have worked hard to ensure 

                           that pupils have both the desire and the means to meet these 


Sustainability:   to keep all of the above in existence

Our Aims

At Bramley St Peter's our principal aims are to help all children to develop their abilities to the full and to achieve the best possible academic standards of which they are capable.


In particular, we aim to:

  • encourage and educate every child to make the best of their ability and to live happily and successfully with others;

  • develop lively enquiring minds, capable of rational thought and its application to academic and physical skills;

  • promote the effective use of language and mathematics;

  • help children understand the world in which they live and to become active citizens within it;

  • foster an appreciation of human endeavours, achievements and aspirations;

  • encourage personal, moral, spiritual and religious growth and a knowledge, understanding and appreciations of other religions, cultures and ways of life whilst honouring the school’s Christian traditions;

  • to be a worshipping community celebrating meaningful, prayerful and appropriate liturgy that nourishes, guides and develops children’s spirituality.