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Week beginning 15th January 2018
This week in our 'Good Learners' folder we had:

Major Mistake





Professor Perseverance

        3LK - Connor K.

        4BW - Joseph B.

        6LG - Amelia B.







Captain Challenge

       5CC - Whole class.

       6LG - Jessica A.

       6VH - Whole class.








Inspector Independence

       1JR - Chloe H.

       2ED - Jack S.

       2RH - Albert L.

       3RS - Kacey-Leigh L.

       4CG - Lilly-Mae H.

       5HC - Daniel D.






Stars of the week

Stars of the week 1
Stars of the week 2
Stars of the week 3

Week beginning 15th January 2018

1LN - Karan S-D.

1JR - David V.

2RH - Adam C. 

2ED - Finlay C. 

3LK - Olivia C.

3RS - Abigail R. 

4BW - Ruby J.

4CG - Thomas D.

5CC - Brya D.

5HC - Sara V.

6VH - Summer C.

6LG - Ellie B.





Attendance trophy

Attendance trophy 1

Week beginning 15th January 2018.


The winners are 2ED with a fantastic 99%