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Maths in and out of the classroom

Maths in and out of the classroom 1
Maths in and out of the classroom 2
Maths in and out of the classroom 3
Maths in and out of the classroom 4
We have been working hard in Maths already this term. We have looked at different ways of sorting, counting to 20 (and back again) and one more and less. We enjoyed taking our learning outside. We had to look for hidden numbers around the playground.

R.E topic is Belonging

R.E topic is Belonging 1
R.E topic is Belonging 2
R.E topic is Belonging 3
We have been talking about belonging in R.E this term. We all belong to a family, class and school. Some of us discussed other organisations we belong to such as gymnastics, football and of course, the church!

Harvest festival at the church

Harvest festival at the church 1
We are reminded at Harvest Festival of the people who are less fortunate than ourselves. We were very proud of all the food the children brought to church. Year two sang a fantastic song and some children from our class were chosen to read the prayer. You all sat beautifully!!

Topic- all about me!

Topic- all about me! 1
Topic- all about me! 2
Topic- all about me! 3
Topic- all about me! 4
Topic- all about me! 5
In topic we have been looking at our bodies and how they have already changed from being a baby. We know a lot of different body parts and can label diagrams. We also had a lot of fun in the computer suite drawing skeletons.

English topic is Autumn

English topic is Autumn 1
English topic is Autumn 2
English topic is Autumn 3
In English we began our topic by walking around the forest school taking notes and pictures of what we saw, heard and touched. We have talked about always using our 5 senses. We then collected lots of Autumn items for our classroom and had a really close look with a magnifying glass. We then worked together to write lots of autumn words using 1-2 adjectives for each sentence. We are now working on individual Autumn poems.