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Spring 2

Our topic this half term is...Gardener's World

Our Big Question is... Could you grow a banana in the UK?

In Science, we looked very closely and different types of seeds. After observing the seeds, we sorted them into groups. We discussed the different ways we sorted them e.g. size, colour, seed type.

In RE, we have been learning about the key events in the Easter Story. We put the events in order and the children really enjoyed creating a 'freeze frame' to show what was happening during each part of the story.

Spring 1

Our topic this half term is...London's Burning!

Our Big Question is...Was the Great Fire of London really a disaster?

Science disaster!

We went outside to dig up the cheese that we had buried earlier in the half term. We were looking forward to seeing how the paper had changed after being outside for a few weeks. When we got there we saw bits of paper all over the ground and realised the cheese had gone! We concluded that our local wild life must have smelt the cheese, dug it up and eaten it for their tea!

We still spoke about what we think would have happened to the different types of paper if it had been left underground - undisturbed!

Science Day!

We had so much fun on Science Day exploring 4 different investigations. In our classroom, we were investigating what happens when we add water to sugar. We watched the coloured water absorb up the sugar cube tower and then found it funny when the bottom cube dissolved causing the tower to fall over. 

We experienced some fantastic 'outdoor learning' as part of our History topic. We had a Great Fire of London workshop where we learnt how to build with wattle and daub. Next we explored different materials that Thomas Farriner might use to build a new bakery with. It was great fun testing them to see if they were waterproof!

In RE, we learnt about the Jewish Shema prayer. We wrote our own Shema prayers and made a Mezuzah case to put the scrolls into.

In RE, we learnt how Jewish children play the game of Dreidel during the celebration of Hannukah. We made our own Dreidel spinners and enjoyed playing the game with counters.

In RE we learnt about the difference between a Menorah and a Chanukiah and how Jewish people use Chanukiahs during Hanukkah. Then we made our own Chanukiahs.

In RE, we have been learning about the story of Hanukkah and we put pictures in order to help us remember the story.

We learnt that Samuel Pepys buried some cheese in his garden to protect it from the Great Fire of London. In our Science lessons, we investigated how different types of paper would change over time by burying some cheese wrapped in different paper, in our school garden!

Autumn 2

Our topic this half term is...Life in a Freezer

Our Big Question is...Would you survive in Antarctica?

In RE, we have been learning about the good news that Jesus brings. WE talked about what the candle symbol represents and the created our own candles with prayers on.

For our 'Healthy Inside and Out' Mindmate day, we practised Teamwork by seeing who could make the strongest sledge to travel across the Arctic. 

Autumn 1

Our topic this half term is...Brilliant Bugs

Our Big Question is...What would the world be like without bugs?

We wanted to help the 'Oxfam clean water' appeal, so we collected as many coins as possible and made some lovely pictures with them.

In DT, we designed and made 'Bug Hotels' to hang out in our forest garden for all our lovely wildlife to live in. We were very careful and managed the hammers and nails very well.

As part of our 'Brilliant Bugs' topic, we had a visitor from Zoolab who came in to school. He brought in some very large creatures and we found out so many interesting facts about them. We were really brave and held the creatures very carefully. 

In Science we have been learning about what habitats minibeasts live in. We collected all of the things a snail would need to survive from our school garden, brought them back in to class and made our very own 'snail habitat'. We made sure the lid had holes in too so the snail could breathe!