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Our Learning

Our first week in school

We have had a great first week exploring our new environment and making new friends. We have been busy learning our new routines, getting to know the adults in our classrooms and most importantly having lots of fun!

Autumn 1

Big Question - How can we make friends?

We have settled into our school routines well and we are still enjoying exploring our learning environment. We have been looking at what makes us me as part of our marvellous me topic. We have started our phonics and already beginning to blend our CVC words. In maths we have been looking at repeated patterns and matching and sorting. 

Funky Fingers

As part of our learning provision we regularly provide fine motor activities. These activities strengthen the children’s hands and warm them up ready for mark making, painting and exploring outside. Here is a few photos showing some of the activities we have done this half term. 

Autumn 1 stay and play 

We have had a great first play and stay session in reception with our parents and carers. We incorporated the session with bring a stick to school day. Thank you to all those that attended. The children loved sharing their classroom and learning with you. 

Autumn 2

Big Question - What do we celebrate?

Our first two weeks back at school have been full of lots of learning and fun. We started the term with our inside out day relating to PSHE and then we read Gordon’s great escape and did some work to describe what his balloon was like. We have learnt about Remembrance Day and why we wear a poppy. We have read Binny’s Diwali and explored this Hindu festival of light which included making Bafir, as well as looking at nursery rhymes in national nursery rhyme week. In maths we have been investigating the properties of circles and triangles along with the composition of 1,2,3. In our provision we have had lots of discussion about what we celebrate and the many different events and birthdays are firm favourite. On Friday 17th November we supported Children in Need and did lots of Pudsey Bear and yellow based activities. 

WOW! What a busy few weeks we have had. We have been busy looking at many different types of celebrations including, Diwali, carnivals and birthdays. In English we have been looking at instructions and bossy words after reading Cake by Sue Hendra. In our classes we made a cake to gain a better understanding of what a bossy word is and how we write instructions. In Maths we have been using the part whole model to make numbers 4 and 5 as well as looking at the properties of circle and triangles. In RE we have been looking at why Christains perform a nativity play and we have been looking at the Christmas story in more detail. We also continue to have lots of opportunties to explore our inside and outside provision. The most recent cold snap led to some great discussions about ice and when it melts and when it freezes. 

Autumn 2 Stay and Sparkle

We have had our second stay and play session. It was lovely to see so many parents and carers. The children loved sharing their learning environment with them. As it was the 1st December our theme was to add a little Christmas sparkle to the session. 

Spring 1

Big Question - How are the Arctic and Antarctica different? 

Spring 1 Stay and Play

Our stay and play this half term had a winter feel. We enjoyed painting snowflakes, having sparkle in the play dough, building and making igloos as well as building a paper penguins. Lots of wonderful playing and sharing with the adults in our lives. 

This term our focus has been looking at the season of Winter and looking at weather from both Poles. Our English has focused on using our tricky words and digraphs in simple sentences. Our texts have included Here comes Jack Frost and Poles Apart. In maths we have been looking at odd and even numbers, doubles and the composition of 6,7,8. The cold weather allowed us to explore ice outside and how and when it freezes. The children have also been continuing to work on their fine motor skills. 
In RE we have been looking at the key question ‘why is the world so important to Christians?’ The children have been considering who and what is important to them and why. 

Science Week 

This term we have had science day across school. Reception have had fun exploring solids and liquids. We sorted solids and liquids and then predicted which would be the fastest and slowest liquid. In the afternoon we then carried out the experiment. The children continued this learning outside. Some great new vocabulary learnt and the children showed a great understanding. We have some great mini scientist in our midst.