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1JR mission statement

  • We will work as a team and support each other’s learning
  • We will be proud of each other’s work
  • We will have an admirable attitude towards learning
  • We will use our imagination and be creative
  • We will ‘pop’ our way to success by setting targets and challenging ourselves
  • We will have lots of fun learning about the world around us
  • We will be the best that we can be!

Thank yous!

A huge thank you to everyone who has helped us this year. Thank you Mrs Esplin for always popping in to see what we are learning. Thank you Mrs Finn for helping us with our writing. Thank you Mrs Young for your support with our reading. Thank you Mrs Bell for teaching us on a Monday and caring for us all. Thank you Mrs Shackleton for reading us stories and doing all the sticking in! Thank you Grandma for telling us fun facts and creating our pirate display.

We hope to see you all when we move into Year 2. 

Wake Up Shake Up


A huge well done to Skyla, Frankie and Daniel who have worked immensely hard in GoNoodle club. We made it to the Leeds Final of Wake Up Shake Up and came 5th place! 🏆 I am so proud of you all, your commitment, coordination and enthusiasm performing Banana Banana Meatball.


1JR class assembly - Friday 29th June.


Land Ahoy! Please join us for our pirate Stay and Play on Friday 6th July. Our shipmates have lots to show you and we are really excited to build our pirate ships. 


Class Merits

A huge well done to everyone in 1JR for reaching 15 stars. We celebrated by having an ice-cream parlour with lots of sweeties and sauce. Keep up the amazing work and we might just making it to 15 again before the end of term! Fingers crossed.




Wow 1JR. We won the attendance trophy this week with an outstanding 100% attendance! Well done everyone.


The children have been learning all about sharing and grouping these past few weeks. It can be very tricky to understand and the children have really impressed me with their super listening skills and good understanding, using maths equipment to show how to work out the answer.

Town and Countryside


It’s so lovely to see children proud of their own learning and putting 110% effort into their homework. Miss Rodwell was very impressed with three children and has displayed their amazing writing on our Africa display in our classroom. A huge well done to Nadia, Skyla and Alissa. 




We had so much fun today at our Action Aid Kenya workshop. We met Barnaby Bear who visited Africa and we learnt all about, African food, villages, animals and lots more!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park: Friday 4th May!

Our next Year One adventure is to Yorkshire Wildlife Park on Friday 4th May! Take a look at the link below to find out about all the amazing animals we are going to meet. Miss Rodwell and Mrs Shackleton are very excited, let’s hope the sun shines for us that day. 


Meet Julia, an old buddy of Elmo's and the newest friend on Sesame Street. Julia has autism... and she and Elmo share an amazing friendship. Thank you to all children who dressed up in blue today to take part in Autism Awareness Day.


We love GoNoodle! Please see the link below which you will be able to access at home. Some children also attend GoNoodle club with Miss Rodwell on a Friday lunchtime. Our favourite song is Banana Banana Meatball! To score points, move up levels and have access to different songs then create an account for your child to use at home.


This half term in R.E we have focused on Why Easter matters to Christians. We first thought about all the things which remind us of Easter, focusing on Spring time. We then read the Easter story, retelling it in our own words and also creating a story map. Good Friday and Palm Sunday are both special days to Christians, we explored why these days are so special and how Christians celebrate Jesus coming back to life. Did you know? As Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, people waved palm leaves at him as a sign of respect. Today in churches, palm crosses are given to Christians so that they are reminded of Jesus’ life. We also got to try a Hot Cross Bun, which are traditionally eaten on Good Friday. The cross on top of the bun reminds people of how Jesus sacrificed his life to take care of us.

Active Maths

We had so much fun outside today, learning all about capacity and volume. The children worked in teams to measure different amounts using key vocabulary; full, empty, almost full, almost empty, half full, half empty. The children also had to opportunity for reasoning, using different equipment to fill the bowl with water. We used cups, spoons and sponges and spoke about the properties of these items. ‘The sponge will absorb water, but if you squeeze it it will come out’ - Ruby W.


Look at our amazing concentration whilst sketching observational drawings of daffodils. Children are beginning to learn about the different marks, shades and effects they can make by using the same pencil. 

Newspaper reports

We have been looking at newspaper reports thinking about the features they have which make the reader want to read more. The children were very confident and worked in pairs to label a newspaper report for the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. The children then wrote their own reports for a story called The Giant Carrot. Miss Rodwell loved reading all the different, imaginative reports and some even made her giggle! 

Jack and the Beanstalk

This week the children became authors making their own books and retelling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk in their own words. Look how proud the children look holding their very own books.

Leeds Rhinos

A huge thank you to Leeds Rhinos who have taught us P.E this half term. We have had so much fun and also learnt lots of new skills. 

Our little Georgia O'keefes'

The children became artists this week learning how to mix different shades using colours. We looked at the work of Georgia O’keefe which inspired us to create our own flower paintings which have made a beautiful display in our classroom. 

Potato heads

The children loved designing their very own potato heads using different fruit and vegetables for the different body parts. Look how cool they look!

What would you do with an enormous potato?

It would seem that you can do almost anything with an enormous potato. The children were very creative and wrote a list of things that they would do with an enormous potato. Some of our class ideas:

1.Make it into a house for Supertato

2. Turn it into enormous crisps

3. Play giant football

4. Use it to make the worlds biggest snowman 

How do potatoes grow?

This week we have become scientists learning all about what plants need to grow.

Plants need sunlight, water, space, Good soil and be in the right temperatures. Potatoes don’t grow in Bramley! We also looked at similarities and differences between a potato plant compared to another plant. Did you know? A potato plant has tubers to store all the nutrients and a potato plant grows from a potato seed which has sprouts which form the roots.

Tom Fletcher 

Author, musician, singer sing writer, husband and dad!

Tom Fletcher was chosen to be our Author study in Year 1 for this years World Book Day. We learnt lots of fun facts about Tom and Miss Rodwell even read some of his amazing stories. He has 2 children, Buddy and Buzz and is his wife is also expecting their third child. Tom used to be in a band called McFly and we also got to learn one of his songs. 

Book review

For homework this week we would like children to write a book review for one of Tom Fletchers amazing stories. Miss Rodwell is excited to hear which book is your favourite!

Meet Buzz!

'This is why being a Dad is awesome. This is the first time my son Buzz has ever seen a dandelion...I think he liked it.' - Tom Fletcher.

Reading competition

Our winner is: Skyla-Blu. Well done Skyla for reading over 250 minutes this week. You have become a confident, enthusiastic reader and we are all very proud of you.

Stay and Read

Thank you to all the parents, grandparents and little brothers and sisters who came along to our Stay and Read on our World Book Day! We had lots of fun listening to you read us stories. A huge thank you to Alissa's grandma who read us Tiddler (Miss Rodwell's favourite book!)

Who is taller? Who is shorter?

We enjoyed our outdoor Maths lesson, working out who is the tallest and who is the shortest in our class. Before we went outside the children estimated who they thought was the tallest and who they thought was the shortest. 

Remember! World Book Day now on Thursday 15th March.

We have had lots of fun exploring new books, learning about different authors and visiting the school library. The children show a love for reading and we are really excited to read these books throughout Spring 2 which link in with our topic, All Things Bright and Beautiful.



All things bright and beautiful...

I can count in...

2s, 5s and 10s

Look at our colourful stripey socks! We have been learning to count in 2s today, we put the socks into pairs and counted in 2s to 20.


Well done 1JR, you are all trying really hard with phonics this term. How many different words can you think of with the a-e split digraph?

These are some of the children's ideas:








Snow day

Well done to those children who made it into school on Wednesday. We had lots of fun outside in the snow.

King of ing!

Wow, well done 1JR. You really amazed Miss Rodwell with your King of ing crowns, adding the 'ing' suffix onto words.

Zoom, zoom, zoom, we're going to the moon...

As part of Design Technology this term we have been using the resources around our classroom to design and construct different space models. The children have been very creative and have made some brilliant spaceships and rockets.

Design a moon buggy...

We think Tim Peake would love this moon buggy. It even has its very own packed lunch box with lots of healthy fruit!



Well done to those children in 1JR who have been super spellers this week! We won the spellodrome trophy this week and the children are also working hard at competing to get on the leader board within class.

Who is Oliver Jeffers?

As part of our space topic we will be reading lots of books by Oliver Jeffers. If his books are not already on your bookshelf at home then these are great stories to invest in! 


What an achievement. Well done on getting your pen licence, I know Mrs Esplin is very impressed with your handwriting!


Who is Tim Peake?

Tim Peake is a ESA astronaut who has travelled to the International Space Station where he did lots of investigations and experiments.

We asked the children 'Who is Tim Peake?' their responses were:

'He is a thinker'

'Tim Peake is a scientist'

'He is brave'


Year 1 were treated to a spectacular stargazing experience when the inflatable planetarium came to visit the school.

The children got to take a ride in Tim Peake's rocket, fly through the ice rings of Saturn, look at the constellations of stars, explore the moon, visit the blazing sun and explore our solar system. The children really experienced lots of 'awe' and 'wonder' during the visit. It was a great experience for all.


We had lots of fun exploring different colours, media and materials as part of our art lesson. The children were very creative, using pastles, card, glitter and sticker stars.


The star shop was the highlight of our week!


Super shapes!

In P.E this half term we have been focusing on gymnastics and creating different shapes and travelling in different ways. Ask your child to perform one of these super shapes: 







-front support

-back support



We had lots of fun visiting the ICT suite on Friday, learning how to log into the computer and how to use Spellodrome. The children really impressed Miss Rodwell with their sensible behaviour and skills using the computers. The children were given chance to create their avatars on Spellodrome and also explore the different games. Please remind your child that they can access Spellodrome from home, their usernames and passwords are in the back of their reading records. 

Stay and Play

A huge thank you to all parents and carers who came along to our first Stay and Play session this year. We hope you enjoyed taking part in our Christmas themed activities, the children had lots of fun and it was lovely for them to spend time with you in our classroom. We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and huge Happy New Year.

Polar bears

We have so many artists in 1JR, look at these cute polar bears designed by children using white chalk to create snowy pictures. Today we was thinking about global warming and climate change. If ice continues to melt then polar bears will eventually become extinct as they will not have the right environment to surivive in.

Into the Woods - Autumn 2

Gruffalo Crumble 

How yummy does our crumble look? This week in English we have been following instructions on how to make a Gruffalo Crumble. As you can see the children had lots of fun following the different steps and all worked together to make a very yummy Crumble which the children enjoyed eating at milk time. The children then wrote their own instructions for how to make the Crumble. 

Our school trip to...

A huge thank you to Ruth and Mel at Nell Bank for such an amazing day out. We had so much fun at, pond dipping, playing in the water and minibeasting. We also learnt many new facts about animals and their habitats and learnt some fun science words which we can use throughout our new topic 'Into the Woods'. We helped baby badger complete his smelling homework by counting the different smells. We then met Mr Mole, who taught us that we can use all our senses to help us. We wore blindfolds and used rope to find our way around the trees. We then met the little mouse and big eyed owl who taught us about prey and how animals need to keep themselves safe in the trees. The children enjoyed making their way through the willow trees, carefully making their way to the other side so that the owl didn't hear or see them. To finish such a fantastic day, Ruth took us to the tunnel where we got to pretend to be rabbits and weasels. We enjoyed chasing each other through the tunnels. It was so lovely to see all the children having lots of fun and learning about senses and habitats.

1JR would also like to say a super duper thank you to our lovely helpers, Miss Cook, Miss Howarth and Mrs Knowles. We hope you will join us on our next school trip.

Beautiful poppies

Following on from Remembrance Day the children were asked to make their own poppies for homework this week. These will displayed in school and I’m sure they will create a very beautiful display. The children were very respectful and have written some lovely Remembrance Day poems.

Which one is the odd one out? Why?

In Maths we are focusing on reasoning. This week in Maths we will be learning about 2D shapes, focusing on their properties. Ask your child - which one of these shapes do they think is the odd one out.

Our Bonfire Night safety posters 

Did you know? There are so many things that you and your family can do on bonfire night to keep safe around bonfires, fireworks and sparklers! Take a look at these super posters which will tell you some of the things you can do. Have fun, but please remember to keep safe.

Count to 100

The children in 1JR love counting to 100 everyday. Miss Rodwell is really impressed with how quickly children have learnt to count to 100. 


The children have come back after the holidays and impressed Miss Rodwell with their super writing. We looked at where Ozzy had been over the holidays and all wrote a recount of what he had done. Children are really mastering what we to make a super sentence and as you can see they are also trying exceptionally hard with their handwriting.