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Come on England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

We have been getting in the spirit for England’s big European Final on Sunday. The children have been busy making flags, designing their own football kits, singing football songs and even decorated their own biscuits with the Saint George’s cross on. 

Repeating patterns

This week in maths the children explored and created their own patterns. 

Sports Day 2021

Imaginative Writing

Once upon a time there was a dragon who...

There is no Dragon in this Story - Books Alive!


Over the past few weeks the children have enjoyed watching carefully for the changes as our sunflower seed has grown. The children have been heard using lots of fabulous vocabulary such as seed, soil, plant, leaf, stem, grow, water, sun, bigger, taller and root to describe the changes they have observed.


The children wrote some brilliant character descriptions of Rapunzel. 

‘She has long golden hair’

’The witch trapped her in a tower’

’Rapunzel ran through the woods to find the prince’



Within our areas of learning, the children have enjoyed exploring their own interests and fascinations. 



This week the children explored the concept of sharing. They shared out food between the animals and talked about how everyone needed to have an equal amount. They made suggestions about what to do with any items which were left over. In small groups, they learnt to play dominoes and they shared them out equally before the game started. Some children recognised and named doubles as they played. 



Fairy Tale Pets

In literacy this week children wrote a list of the different fairy tale characters which Bob and Rex meet in the story Fairy Tale Pets. Who is your favourite character?


Our focus in maths this week has been doubling numbers. The children worked hard in the maths area, exploring doubling and using different resources to represent numbers. The children confidently matched numicon to numbers and carefully counted to work out the answer.


The children were very excited this afternoon when they found a ladybird in the outdoor area. It was lovely to see them showing care and concern for our world, carefully holding the ladybird and taking it in turns. The children worked together to build a home for the ladybird, choosing the grassy area under the trees.

Room on a Broom

In literacy this week we read the story Room on a Broom by Julia Donaldson. We focused on the rhyming words in the story. Children worked in pairs to complete their worksheet by matching rhyming words. It was lovely to see them working together sounding out and blending words.

Healthy Inside and Out Day 

We spent today thinking about our year in reception. We asked the children three questions:

What have you learnt in reception?

What achievements are you proud of?

What do you think you will need help with in Year 1?


Throughout the day children spent time completing different challenges. For every challenge they completed they were awarded with a Dojo. It was great to see their enthusiasm within the different areas of provison. The children enjoyed working together to complete jigsaws and creating repeating patterns in the maths area.

Summer 2 - Once Upon a Time

Light and Dark

This week the children were showing lots of interest in the torches and light up balls so we set up the dark tent to allow them to investigate further. They loved it and impressed us with their ideas and language about keeping the light out of the tent.


This week in topic we have been learning about the life-cycle of a chick. We looked at some non-fiction books to find facts about chickens. Children then composed simple sentences to write the life-cycle of a chick. They have impressed us, using the phonics wall to find Phase 2 and 3 sounds and words.

Dear Farm

The children impressed us with their writing this week writing a page for our class book 'Dear Farm'. We used J2code to create a pictogram of which animal from the farm we would like as a pet. I wrote to the farm to send me a pet...

'They sent me a sheep. It was too fluffy so I sent it back'

'They sent me a pig. It was too muddy so I sent it back'

'They sent me a cow. It was too big so I sent it back'



This week we have been reading Dear Zoo. The children have developed cutting skills by

 creating their own lion pictures outside.

3D shapes

This week we’re exploring and naming 3D shapes and creating models. 


With the Euros in sight, Reception are working on their football skills. We’re looking for ‘Wizard Dribblers’ who can look for spaces and control the ball. 

A Squash and a Squeeze

To introduce our topic 'Down on the Farm', learning about farm animals, we read A Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson. The children then wrote labels and captions for the different animals in the story. Can you remember what the wise old man told the lady to do? What did she learn from this?

'It was pokey for one but it's tiny for two'


To 20 and Beyond 

Using a range of apparatus, the children discover how to build numbers to 20. 

Transient Art

The children enjoy exploring shape, space, pattern, positioning, colour and texture using a range of materials. 

Wild Animals

It was lovely to see a group of children excitedly playing together in the small world area with the different animals. They worked together to sort wild animals into different categories. They talked about which animals lived in water and which animals lived on land. 

Dinosaur World 

The children had fun playing in the dinosaur world today. 

'I can see a triceratops' 

'Do you know this dinosaur is a carnivore'

'Some animals only eat plants'

Sam Plants a Sunflower

In literacy this week we have been reading Sam Plants a Sunflower by Axel Scheffler and Kate Petty. We talked about what sunflowers need to help them grow. Can you remember what Sam did to help them grow? We then wrote instructions for how to plant a sunflower. Look at the wonderful writing! 


The children had fun using different media and materials to create a sunflower picture. We explored using sponges to create different patterns. They are building confidence talking about different parts of a flower.

Class Competition

The children were excited to plant the class sunflowers today for the class competition. Both classes planted four seeds in their bucket. Which class will grow the tallest sunflower? Let's wait and see!  

Geo Boards

The children have been playing with the new geo boards in the outdoor area. They use the elastic bands to create different shapes and develop fine-motor skills.

Healthy Inside and Out - Staying Healthy

Summer 1 - Down on the Farm

Easter Egg Hunt

Champion Gymnasts

Coming to England

Have you ever been on a very long journey somewhere far from home? Maybe you moved house to another town or maybe to another country?

In topic today we learnt about Floella Benjamin who came on a very long journey to live in Britain when she was just 10 years old. Floella lived on the beautiful island of Trinidad and her Dardie had always wanted to be a jazz musician in England. We explored making music in the outdoor area! 

 We looked at a map to see how far away Trinidad is from England. We learnt that Floella travelled to England on a boat.

When Floella lived in Trinidad she would go to the market each day to buy mango and sweet potatoes. We got to try these today! 


Children created vibrant pictures in the creative area. 

We wrote captions to retell the story 'Coming to England'.

Coming to England

Small World

The children had fun retelling the Easter Story by using resources in the small world area. We learnt that Christians believe that Jesus came to show God's love. 

More and Fewer

In maths today we explored comparing quantities, using dominoes to count up to 10 and beyond. We then sorted the dominoes into groups, more than, fewer than and equal to. 

 We also used Numberblocks and Numicon to explore representing numbers in different ways.


In PE we explored how to move safely using apparatus. Children explored moving in different ways, rotating around different zones to explore using a variety of equipment. Children were encouraged to think about how to use apparatus and the different ways of moving using it. For example over, along, through, under, on.


It was a sunny afternoon outside today and the children worked in the water area exploring capacity and being imaginative. Children had fun using pans, buckets and bottles to fill different containers. The dinosaurs also had a bath! 

The Train Ride

In literacy today we read The Train Ride by June Crebbin. We used the book to explore similarities and difference between a town and the countryside. The children then thought about where they would like to go on a train ride and wrote a train ticket for their journey! 


There has been some lovely learning in the outdoor area this week. Children have enjoyed painting sunset pictures, exploring mixing colours to create different shades.

We also got active creating our own obstacle course. The children have enjoyed using the wooden planks to explore moving in different ways.

Working Together 

It has been lovely to see children settle back into school, playing and learning together in the different areas of provision. There has been some wonderful work in the loose parts area using design sheets to share ideas and build and construct together. 

The children have also enjoyed playing together in the home corner, looking after the babies and having their friends round for tea! They made a yummy pepperoni pizza to share.

Magnificent Maths

In maths this week the children have enjoyed building 9 and 10 and it is great to see them exploring this independently at choosing time. 

'I've got 9 pebbles, can you show 9?'

'Let's put all these numbers in order'

'Can I have a purple pen to mark all this work?'

Writing Captions 

In literacy today we looked at pictures of different modes of transport. Children were encouraged to think of simple captions to write for each picture.  

'The boats are in the river'

'The car is in the rain'

'The bus is on the road'

'The ship sails on the sea'

Counting 9 and 10

This week in Reception we challenged the children to build collections of objects for number 9 and number 10. We ordered numbers 1 to 10. 

Numberblocks - Numbers 9 & 10

Wonderful Writing 

At relaxation time the children are encouraged to write a simple label, caption or sentence about a picture on the screen. They are becoming confident at segmenting to spell using the phonics wall. Look at these super sentences! 

Good Friday

In RE today we talked about how the cross is a symbol to help us remember ‘Good Friday’. We looked at Hot Cross buns, thought about when they are eaten and what the cross represents. We even got to try one! 

Gymnastics - High and Low

 We are learning how to move like a champion gymnast. We are trying to move our bodies without making a sound and whilst pointing our fingers and toes.


Within the areas, we are learning to work cooperatively with our friends to build more complex models. 

World Book Day 2021 - Share a Story

Today we enjoyed coming to school dress in our pyjamas to celebrate World Book Day. We shared lots of wonderful stories from some of our favourite authors; Sue Hendra, Julia Donaldson, Oliver Jeffers and Tom Fletcher.

Science in Action 

Easter Story 

In RE this half term we are learning why Christians put a cross on an Easter garden. We listened to the Easter story and made our own Easter garden in the outdoor area. Can you see the cross?

Past and Present

Our topic activity this week was to sort modes of transport into past and present. We looked carefully at the pictures and we noticed that some pictures are black and white and others are in colour. 

The Hundred Decker Bus 

All aboard for an amazing adventure! Buy a ticket and take a seat for an exciting journey on a very unusual, very BIG bus... 

We were impressed with the super writing in reception today. Children enjoyed writing sentences about the journey of the Hundred Decker Bus. We all love the swimming pool deck! Children segmented simple words, used clearly identifiable letters and attempted to write simple sentences. Look at our brilliant work! 

Mrs Armitage on Wheels 

When the inventive Mrs Armitage sets out for a cycle ride, she soon turns her bike into an eye-catching contraption. All she needs now is a little extra oomph...

This week in literacy we listened to Mrs Armitage on Wheels and thought about all the different items that she added to her bike on her journey. We made a list of the different items, including; three horns, a tool kit, lunch box, chain, bunting, sail and lots more. We carefully segmented some of these words to label the picture of her bike. The children were also proud to see their work on the reading display.

Land, Sea and Air

Our topic activity this week was to sort vehicles into land, sea and air. We encouraged children to talk about the different modes of transport they have used before and talk about the journeys they have been on. 

Spring 2 - On Our Way

Healthy: Inside and Out

During lockdown, we have been working hard to keep positive and look after our mental and physical health. We have been learning words to describe our emotions and have been thinking about the different ways people show how they feel.
Home learners and children in school drew how they were feeling and discussed positive ways to promote feelings of happiness and calm. 

Dough Disco

The children in our reception bubble have enjoyed Dough Disco this week. We have had lots of fun listening to music and learning how to make marks in the dough in different ways. Children enjoyed patting, squishing, poking, rolling and swirling the dough. Our favourite movement is the dough-nut!  

Poles Apart

As everyone knows, penguins live at the South Pole and polar bears live at the North Pole, 12,430 miles away. But in this story, polar bears and penguins soon become the best of friends. We joined the Pilchard-Browns on their adventure around the world as they got lost on their way to a picnic. Who is that enormous something? That's right, its Mr White!

Today the children retold the story Poles Apart using time connectives to start their sentences:

First, then, next, after that, finally. 


Exploring numbers using ten frames and towers. 

Numberblocks - Number Eight


This week the children have been learning all about number 7 and number 8. We challenged home learners to represent these numbers by creating a rainbow or spider. These are some examples of the wonderful work completed at home this week. 

Numberblocks - Number Seven

The Girl the Bear and the Magic Shoes 

What a wonderful story written by Julia Donaldson! The children enjoyed repeating the sounds that the different shoes made as Josephine went on her adventure. We then carefully segmented the words to write labels to match the pictures.

'Click click'

'Pit a pat pit a pat'

'Whee Whizz'

'Splish splash'

'Squelch squelch squelch'


This half term in RE we have been thinking about why the world is so important to Christians. God loves the world he has made and has put us in charge of caring for his creation. It is a big responsibility. We came up with lots of ideas about how to care for our world. We sang some songs about our wonderful world. ‘Marching in the snow’ was our favourite. We sang this outside in the snow!

Supertato Evil Pea Rules! 

The children were very excited to listen to another Sue Hendra book today. We challenged the children to write a list of 'ee' words to give Supertato power to stop the Evil Pea from freezing all the veggies. The children had fun completing a communication and language activity, thinking about what Supertato and Evil Pea would say to each other! It was great to hear the children use expression when they shared their ideas. 

Numberblocks - Number Six

The Problem with Penguins

We read The Problem with Penguins by Helen Stephens. The children then ordered words to write simple sentences.

'The penguin is black and white'

'I can see two penguins'


Today the children explored using different media and materials to create their own snowman. We talked about the colours and patterns of the hats and scarves! 

Spring 1 - Poles Apart

This half term we will be reading lots of books linked to our topic, including; Snowball, The Evil Pea Rules, The Problem with Penguins, The Girl the Bear and the Magic Shoes, Poles Apart and Lost and Found. The children will design and make their own boats, exploring floating and sinking. We will also be taking part in the Slippery Slope science investigation.

Healthy: Inside and Out

We started the term with a focus on how it feels to learn something new. The children discovered what it means to have a growth mindset. They learnt that it is ok to make mistakes. 

2021 calendars 

 The children enjoyed cutting up pictures from their favourite books to create their rainbow calendars inspired by Eleanor Bowmer. Which characters do you recognise? Who are the authors of these books?

Christmas Cards

The children had fun using a simple computer program called J2code to create their Christmas cards. Use the link below to access J2code at home: 

The Lost Coin

In RE this week we talked about actions that made us feel precious.

The Bible says that Jesus taught his followers many things about God. He once said, ‘love one another as I have loved you.’ and ‘Do for others what you want them to do for you.’ This is known as the Golden Rule.

We listened to the parable of The Lost Coin Luke: 15:8–10. We thought about why the women wanted the coin so badly. It was because it was precious to her.

Design Sheets 

The children have been using design sheets when playing in the loose parts area. They first draw their design and think about the materials they will need to use when building. After completing their build, children are encouraged to take a photograph of their work and think about what could make their design even better. 

Numberblocks - Number Five

CVC words

The children have been working hard this week, using phoneme frames to write CVC words. They are building confidence, segmenting to spell words. Well done reception!

Princess Castle

'We're building a princess castle'

A group of children had a busy morning in the construction area outside. They first created a floor plan for their castle by placing wooden blocks along the lines in the pavement. 

'It has four sides'

'It is a square'

'Rectangles have four sides too'

Making Maps

Children have fun drawing their own maps when playing in the small world area. They then use the resources to create what they have drawn.

Numberblocks - Number Four

Party time! 

Using the loose parts, a group of children set up for a party. They used the different resources to represent different objects.

 'These are the disco lights'

'I've made some orange juice for everyone'



Today in PE the children explored responding in movement to words and music. We focused on weather, representing it in different ways. Children had fun using musical instruments to make different sounds. We also learnt about opposites; fast and slow, wide and thin, straight and wiggly, high and low.

The Christmas Story

Today we dressed up in Nativity costumes to retell the Christmas story. We then set up our wooden nativity set in our classrooms and talked about who is the most important. Children are beginning to understand why Christians perform Nativity Plays at Christmas.

Science Day

We used the story of The Hungry Caterpillar as a stimulus to explore fruit. The children were keen to use their senses to explore all the different types. 


Numberblocks - Number Three

Children in Need

The children are very excited to come to school dressed in their pyjamas tomorrow (Friday 13th November). It would be great if they could bring £1 to help us raise lots of money for charity. We will be joining Joe Wicks to help him complete the last part of his 24 Hour PE Challenge!

Curiosity Cube

The children have been inspired to explore the curiosity cube this week, answering: 

Who? What? Where? When? and Why? questions.

Next week, we will be learning all about the Diwali, the Indian festival of lights. We have lots of lovely stories to read, including Binny's Diwali, Mr Men and Little Miss Diwali and Peppa's Diwali. Visit our class page again next week to see our 'Diva Light' designs which we will be making out of clay. 

Nurture - Discover - Respect

The children have had a busy day in the outdoor area, helping Miss Gaughan and Mrs Shackleton, getting ready to grow grass under the trees! The children have worked hard, digging up the soil and moving the pebbles so that we can sow the grass seed. The children have observed the leaves falling from the trees throughout Autumn and we are going to explore growing grass, to bring some colour back to the outdoor area throughout Winter. 

Brilliant team work reception! 

Pizza Party

The children had lots of fun today, celebrating a friends birthday. They worked together to set up a 'surprise' pizza party for their friend. Using resources from around the classroom, the children used the tuff tray to set the table. It was lovely to see children using resources from the writing area to make birthday cards for their friend. What a brilliant idea everyone.


Poppy Pictures

In collective worship this week we have been learning all about Remembrance Day. On Wednesday, at 11 o'clock we did a two minute silence. 

The children have painted some beautiful poppy pictures in the outdoor area. They also explored using other media and materials to create pictures. 

Numberblocks - Another One


The children have had fun exploring the new jigsaws and puzzles. We have seen children show perseverance as they explore different ways of fitting the pieces together. 

Representing 1

In maths this week we started 'It's me 1,2,3'. We represented 1 in different ways by finding different objects around the classroom. 


Numberblocks - One Wonderful World | Learn to Count

As seen on CBeebies! Watch Numberblocks full episodes on BBC iPlayer:

Water play

What a fantastic afternoon in the outdoor area! A group of children worked together in the water area, exploring different ways of filling and emptying different containers. The children used pipettes to fill bottles and used the tubes and pipes to fill buckets. 

'We're doing Science'

'Scientists mix things up and make things work'

'They do experiments and do lots of amazing things'


Autumn 2 RE - Why do Christians perform nativity plays at Christmas?

This half term in RE we will be learning to retell the Christmas story and understand what Christians do at Christmas time. In our first lesson we learnt about the special baby, Jesus. We listened to Hush! There's a baby... and learnt actions. 

Hush! There's a baby...


The children have enjoyed the new fine-motor activity, threading pipe cleaners through cones and adding beads. 

'I've made a strawberry ice-cream using the pink cone'

'It looks like a robot with 2 arms'

'It's like a Christmas tree with decorations'

Emotional Register 

As part of Healthy: Inside and Out Day we introduced the emotional register. The children are encouraged to find their name and place it above the 'colour monster' which represents how they feel. After relaxation time in an afternoon children complete the emotional register. 

The Colour Monster Song

Healthy: Inside and Out Day 

On the first day back after every half term we have Healthy: Inside and Out Day. Today we focused on recognising similarities and differences in the way we look and feel. We explored the question: What does unique mean? and read the story 'What Makes Me and Me?'. We encouraged children to look at themselves in a mirror alongside a friend and think about What is the same? What is different? We then worked in our key worker groups, talking about the things which make us happy. We drew pictures to represent our ideas.


PE day - Wednesday

After half term we will be starting PE in reception. Please ensure that your child has the correct PE kit. In Autumn 2 we will be doing dance so the children will be indoors. We will keep the kit in school, on your child's peg. This will then be sent home just before the Christmas holiday's, so it can be washed.  

Remember, there are lots of ways that your child can stay active at home. Why not try this active challenge card below: 

Autumn 2 - Let’s Have a Party!

Our topic this half term is 'Let's Have a Party'. We will be reading lots of different stories including Cake, Oh! Christmas Tree, Norman the Slug Saved Christmas, Gordon's Great Escape and Supertato Carnival Castro-Pea. We will also celebrate Diwali, the Indian festival of lights. Throughout this half term we will learn about different celebrations and also answer the key question; 'Why do Christians perform Nativity plays at Christmas?', in RE. We also perform our own Christmas songs, dressing up in nativity costumes and sharing videos on Seesaw. 

Holiday Homework

What a brilliant first half term at school! It has been amazing to see new friendships form and observe the children within the different areas of learning. Over the holidays we would like you to go on a Number Hunt. Please access Seesaw to find the activity.

You will have also received your child's book bag. You will find a reading record and word list. Please practise reading these words at home with your child and write comments in their reading record. Encourage them to use 'phonic fingers' to sound out the words and practise blending. Have a lovely half term everyone. 


Alma Thomas inspired artwork - Black History Day

Alma Thomas was an African-America Expressionist painter and art educator best known for her colourful abstract paintings. She lived and worked in Washington D.C. and The Washington Post described her as a force in the Washington Colour School. The children created their own artwork inspired by Alma Thomas.


Exploring height and length 

This week in Maths we used pencils and multi-link cubes to explore ordering 2 or 3 items by height and length. The children impressed us, using mathematical vocabulary to describe the size of different objects.

'The red one is 6 cubes taller than the yellow one'

'This one is middle-sized'

The blue pencil is shorter than the blue one'

Fine motor skills 

The children have enjoyed taking part in different fine motor skill activities this half term. They enjoyed using tweezers to sort pom-poms into different colours. Some brilliant necklaces and bracelets have also been made, threading the beads onto string. The boys and girls have also used their imagination when treading pipe cleaners through the colourful tubes.

'Look this one is a strawberry ice-cream'

'I have made a Christmas tree. Now it's time to add the decorations'

Autumn Treasure Hunt

Thank you to everyone who completed the Autumn Treasure Hunt this weekend. It has been lovely to hear stories about your Autumn walks, looking for treasure. The children were very excited to tell each other about the different treasure that they had found. Well done everyone! 

Phonics - Phase 2

We have now started our formal phonics teaching. By half term, children will know sounds; s, a, t, p, i, n, m and d. Please use the sound mat below to practise these sounds at home. The word mat shows the different words which we will learn throughout Phase 2. It is important that your child learns to read the tricky words.

Exploring outside

The children have had lots of fun, exploring moving in different ways. They showed some brilliant balancing skills, walking along the beams. The giant tunnel is a popular piece of equipment! Children enjoy climbing and crawling through the giant tunnel. It has been great to see the children using other resources such as the milk crates, to explore building. Some children have found the spinning tops challenging, but by showing perseverance they have mastered the skill of getting it to move around.  

'Jesus welcomes the children'

In RE this week we listened to the story of Jesus wanting to see the children even though the disciples tried stopping him. “Let the little children come to me. Don’t keep them away.” (Mark 10:14)

Voting Station

We encourage children to vote for a book for story time each day. The children find their stick and choose 'book 1' or 'book 2' by placing their stick in the pot. At the end of the day we count the votes and the book with the most votes is read at story time. The children get very excited when their chosen book wins and we pick a stick out of the pot for a child to go and get the book from the voting station.

Loose Parts 

Miss Rodwell was very impressed with this amazing castle built in the loose parts area. The children worked together as a team, using the different materials to design and make a brilliant castle. Well done everyone! 

We love to read in reception!

Thank you to everyone who responded to the 'caught reading' activity on Seesaw. It was lovely to listen to all of the responses. The children have lots of fun sharing stories together in the reading area and we encourage them to complete a book review to recommend books to their friends. 

How to show 5

We now have our 'show 5' posters displayed within our classrooms. The children have been trying really hard to show 5 when we do the register, maths, phonics and collective worship.

Autumn 1 - Marvellous Me

Our topic this half term is 'Marvellous Me'. We will be reading lots of different stories including The Colour Monster goes to School, Max the Brave and Ruby's Worry. We will work together, forming new friendships and explore the different areas of provision.