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Home Learning

A big hello to parents and carers of children in Nursery.


I will do my best to keep updating the website to give you suggestions of useful websites and a variety of activities to complete with your children.


The Nursery Team are thinking about you all and hope to see you safe and well back at school soon.



Week 8

(Week beginning 11th May 2020)

Wow!  We are now at week 8!  It seems to have gone by so quickly. 


I am posting lots of wonderful activities on Seesaw for your children.  Thank you to those of you who are supporting your child to access Seesaw.  I feel so proud of nursery and how much has been achieved in the children's journals and on the Blog.  There are only a few children who are not yet sharing their work, photographs and videos on Seesaw.  I hope they will join us soon as it is such good fun and I love seeing what the children are doing with you at home.


Take care 

Mrs Mullarkey yes

Week 7

(Week beginning 4th May 2020)

Hello to you all.


I have been overwhelmed by all of the wonderful work the nursery children have produced on Seesaw.  I do hope to see you all accessing the activities soon, we are nearly there.  


I will add a few activities here again, but there are lots of things for you to complete on Seesaw.


Take care and keep safe


Mrs Mullarkey x 😃

Maths games

A story to enjoy

Owl Babies

Week 6

(Week beginning 27th April 2020)

As always a big hello to you all.


I really hope you are all working hard at home, helping with the tidying, cleaning and gardening as well as practising your name, counting and looking at lots of books. I am adding activities to Seesaw and there are plenty for you to access.  I will only add a few activities here now as most of you appear to be joining me on Seesaw now.  


Parents and carers - if you haven't downloaded the Seesaw Class app and logged in with your child's code, then please do so as soon as possible as they can see what their friends have been doing over the last few weeks.


Take care and see you on Seesaw.


Mrs Mullarkey x 

Here are some lovely minibeast stories to watch.

Go on your own bug hunt.

Week 5

(Week beginning 20th April 2020)


If your child is starting school (moving to Reception) in September


The parents and carers in Nursery, whose children are starting school in September, have now heard if their child has a place at Bramley St Peter's or another school.  The link below will give you some information about the transition and also some great games for the children.

Spinderella by Julia Donaldson

If you have the story at home ask someone to read it to you or watch the story on YouTube using the link below.  I am sorry the narrator misses a 't' out when she says 'twenty' please make sure you say it properly!!


You could then draw your own spider or spiders, even give them some football boots.  Take care with how many legs you draw.  Remember spiders have eight legs!  You could even paint a colourful picture of a spider or make one using play dough.  


See if you can find any spiders in your house or in the garden.  Do you like spiders?  Think about why you do or don't like them.  They are great for getting rid of flies!  


Week 4

Easter Holidays

Hello all of you.


I can’t believe we are already in the second week of the Easter holiday.  


I have loved hearing from so many of you on Seesaw and hope this will continue.  I will add some more activities and look forward to your photographs, videos and messages.  Here are a few more ideas.


Take care


Lots of love

Mrs Mullarkey 😃

Week 3

Easter Holidays


Hello to you all.


I hope you are all managing to have some fun and that you are all keeping safe at home. 


Thinking about fun I have added some Easter activities for you to complete and one involves visiting the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Website.  You can see lots of different animals and there is an Easter Egg hunt online for you to complete with an adult or older brother or sister.  


We will be setting up a class blog using Seesaw which means we will be able to connect with each other.  I am very excited about it, so watch out for more details. 


I'll be in touch soon.


Mrs Mullarkey   smiley



Week 2 

(Week beginning 30th March 2020)


Hello everyone


Parents and carers please read this to your child:


I hope you enjoyed the lovely weather last week and managed to play outside in your gardens or even help with the gardening.


I am adding some more activities that you might enjoy completing.


Thinking about you all.


Love from Mrs Mullarkeysmiley




Parents and Carers - The most important thing during these difficult times is to have fun and enjoy the time you have together at home.  Explore the garden looking for different sizes and shapes of objects.  Encourage and support your child to name the different plants and birds that they can see.  Inside you could build a den together, encourage your child to make a musical instrument, help them to make their own sandwich or draw a picture of their friends from nursery.


Keep busy and happy wink


Have they created a rainbow for their window yet?


Take photographs of the great things you have been doing at home to share with us.  


Top Talking Tips for Parents 

I have found this lovely website where you can find some great activities which promote  repetition, rhyme, rhythm and retelling.  Have fun!




Here are some of the children's favourite songs for you

to enjoy at home.

Alphabet Song - ABC Song UK ZED Version! Learn the Alphabet, British English ABC Songs

UK English "Zed" version of our Alphabet Song! Learn your ABCs (and Zeds!) with Bounce Patrol. Can you sing all the letters of the alphabet from A to Z? Whis...

BINGO | Super Simple Songs

Check out the Super Simple App for iOS! ► We've added a Super Simple twist to "BINGO" by adding actions other than just "clap." We ho...

Head Shoulders Knees And Toes - Nursery rhyme -

Head shoulders knees and toes is a video for small children or toddlers where a bear sings and dances to the sound of the nursery rhyme "Head Shoulders Knees...

Enjoy a story or two

"We're Going On A Bear Hunt" Animated Story

"We're Going On A Bear Hunt" animated story cartoon version of the classic Bear Hunt children's story book by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury. The "Bear Hun...

Peace at Last

Peace at Last by Jill Murphy, brought to life by Simple Stories! Please visit our; Website - Facebook -

Keeping Physically Active

Keeping active is very important.  The nursery children enjoyed joining in with yoga using the website -



Remember to support your child as they practise writing their name using the pre-cursive letter formation.

Counting Activities


Topmarks have some great maths games.  The counting ones are great fun, especially Teddy Numbers.


Using the Topmarks website you can also encourage your child to continue repeating patterns using



The children have played this game in nursery and did really enjoy it.  There are three different levels, so see how good they can get!

Week 1

Some suggested activities and websites to visit - Week 1



Remember to read everyday with your child.  There are some wonderful stories online to share with your child too.  Some stories have been made into songs or music and action have been added. The children particularly enjoy joining in with the following -


We're going on a bear hunt

On the Journey Home from Grandpa's

Magic Train Ride

Dig Dig Digging



Daily Ideas

This website offers daily stories and activities.



The Phonics Play website is offering parents and carers free access during the ongoing situation.


Use the following details to access the website.


Username:  march20

Password:   home

Classroom Secrets


Classroom Secrets are offering free home learning packs



TTS Home Learning Pack

Speech Therapy Support 


Ideas for supporting your child at home can be found using the website link below