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Week 2

Hello Year 6 smiley


We are thinking of you all and hope that you're having fun with all of the home learning activities already available (as well as getting out safely in the sunshine last week; we hope it comes back!) 


Each week we are going to be including new specific challenges for you to try for the week ahead. Please keep referring back to all of the wonderful links on the main page though, as well as using your home learning packs and revision guides. 


This week we would like the focus to be around something that we already started to explore:

 Evacuation during WW2


Below are some of the tasks that we would like you to try. We have also included links and images to help you with this and make it more exciting! 

  • Write your own diary from the perspective of an evacuee or someone who had to take in a new evacuated child. Could you include illustrations in your diary? 
  • For those of you who love to be creative, why not design your own evacuation suitcase. What essential personal items would you take if this was today and why? 
  • Could YOU help the war efforts? Design your own invention that could have helped save lives, bring comfort or that would just simply have been an amazing idea for Britain to have during the war! 



Allow yourself to be inspired by any of the online research you do and use these challenges as a guide. We can't wait to see your ideas so really be creative! 


Remember to also keep smiling, do little bits at a time and spend time helping the people who you live with. 


Miss Buxton and Miss Garner. 


P.S. The Spywatch series on YouTube may help you to get into the mind of an evacuee during WW2- enjoy!