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Week 6

Hello again Year 6, 


We can't believe that we are almost at the end of April! We hope that you are all finding ways to stay happy and trying some learning activities at home to keep your minds active. 


Just a reminder to download the Seesaw apps if you have not already, as we will keep posting activities on there too. We would also love to see photos of some of the work you have done linked to our weekly posts on this website. 


In addition, keep checking BBC Bitesize for updated daily lessons. Here is a link to the Y6 page: 


This week the theme is... 

Around the World!



Some activities that you could try this week...


  • Spend some time just exploring a world map- test yourself or someone in your house on the whereabouts of different countries! Which other countries are they near? 
  • Choose a country to create your own factfile. This will involve amazing research. Some countries you could choose are; Mexico, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Egypt, Italy or Brazil. Use the following questions to help you focus your research! 

What is the name of the Capital City? Which Continent is it in?

What is the population? 

What languages are spoken? 

What geographical features are there? (landmarks, rivers, lakes, mountains etc) 

What does its flag look like? 

What traditional food is made and eaten there?

  • Quiz yourself on your knowledge of capital cities with the sheet attached below. 
  • Write your own maths word problems relating to different countries. Try to include the four operations throughout (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) 
  • Try making some new food- can you research which parts of the world the ingredients come from? Be sure to ask an adult to help you and for their permission. Here are some ideas of recipes that you could try at home- 
  • Use this website to answer the comprehension questions attached.  

We hope that you enjoy trying some of these activities and we hope to hear about how you've been getting on through Seesaw. 


Stay safe, 


Miss Garner and Miss Buxton smiley