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Pirate day and stay and phonics day

Easter at the church

We have had another fantastic afternoon listening to poetry for the Galley Poetry Award. Representing our class was Bradley and his poem about his dog called Rosie. Bradley used his loud, clear voice and did us all proud. Well done to all the children who learned a poem this year too.

Galley Poetry Award 2019

Thank you to all the parents who stayed this morning to do some reading with their child. The children have spent the day reading, making book marks and re-writing the story of the week. Our chosen story was The little raindrop.

World Book Day

These are just some of the pictures from this mornings big build. Thank you to all the parents/carers for attending. the children have been talking about it all day!

Big build day

We had a visit from the planetarium man. We had to take our shoes off and climb carefully inside the dome. Inside it was very dark and we watched the space projector. It showed us the different star patterns, the planets and even a close up of the moon. It was an amazing experience!

Planetarium visit

In Maths we have been using part-part-whole, numicon and Base ten to count and add up to 50. It is really important that we use as many different techniques to work out our answer and not just in our heads. 


We have been using our time connectives a lot in our English and topic work. We have been talking about characters in our book called 'Bob the man on the moon'. We could then order his day correctly and finished with an interesting fact. Did you know Bob was an alien??

Time connectives

Stay and play

Thank you so much to all the adults who made it to our Christmas stay and play. The children really enjoyed the Christmas crafts and I am sure they have brought home lots of glitter too!

Christmas stay and play

Stranger danger

Today Johnathan our local PCSO came to school to talk to us about strangers. We spoke about what a stranger can look like. We also know what to do if we are lost in a supermarket and strangers there we can trust such as staff with uniforms on. Jonathan also spoke to us about trusting the police, ambulance service and fire fighters.These are people who also wear uniforms. We finished the session by sitting in the police car and setting off the siren and lights. It was very loud and we had to put our fingers in our ears!

Stranger danger

We had a fantastic visit from a group who performed The Wizard of Oz. We all jumped when the witch appeared! We laughed when some teachers were asked to come to the front to dance.

Wizard of Oz performance

A christening at Bramley ST Peter's church


Lillie and Leo were the proud parents of baby Jemma. We also had three godparents, Ciara,Jacob and Ava. We discussed what their roles would be and lit a candle. Vicar Paul put oil on the baby's head and then we went to the font for a water ceremony and prayers. The children really enjoyed this experience.

A Christening at Bramley ST Peter's Church


Nell Bank

Nell Bank was an amazing day out. We found out about a lot of woodland creatures through clues and role play. We used our 5 senses around the woods too. We stopped for a quick lunch before a good play on the wooden playground.

Our November trip to Nell Bank

The school disco

Still image for this video
We had so much fun dancing and playing games. The snow machine was awesome!

Party Time! November 2018

Maths in and out of the classroom


We have been working hard in Maths already this term. We have looked at different ways of sorting, counting to 20 (and back again) and one more and less. We enjoyed taking our learning outside. We had to look for hidden numbers around the playground.

R.E topic is Belonging


We have been talking about belonging in R.E this term. We all belong to a family, class and school. Some of us discussed other organisations we belong to such as gymnastics, football and of course, the church!

Harvest festival at the church

We are reminded at Harvest Festival of the people who are less fortunate than ourselves. We were very proud of all the food the children brought to church. Year two sang a fantastic song and some children from our class were chosen to read the prayer. You all sat beautifully!!

Topic- all about me!

In topic we have been looking at our bodies and how they have already changed from being a baby. We know a lot of different body parts and can label diagrams. We also had a lot of fun in the computer suite drawing skeletons.

English topic is Autumn

In English we began our topic by walking around the forest school taking notes and pictures of what we saw, heard and touched. We have talked about always using our 5 senses. We then collected lots of Autumn items for our classroom and had a really close look with a magnifying glass. We then worked together to write lots of autumn words using 1-2 adjectives for each sentence. We are now working on individual Autumn poems.

A trip to the library

This morning we took our teddies to the library where we listened to some lovely stories. We told the lady what our teddy likes to do and read. She then made it a tag and we said goodbye to them. We are leaving them there for an overnight sleepover. We will collect them tomorrow and find out what they have been up to.