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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5's year group page. We will update this page regularly throughout the year with photos, examples of work and any key information we need to share with you so please keep visiting!

Staff in Year 5


Teachers: Mr Cave and Miss Carter

Support Staff: Miss Kittsen and Mrs Wright


Rainforest Poetry


Over the course of the next two weeks, Year 5 will be writing their own poetry based on animals in the rainforest. Today they listened to a range of verses about rainforest animals and worked in pairs to create a short performance. 


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Tree Frogs

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Maths Roadshow

This week Year 5 were able to use resources provided by the University to participate in the Maths Roadshow. Children worked together to complete and reason about a range of problems and challenges. 

Easter Experience


During the afternoon, Year 5 participated in the Easter Experience. The children went to the conference room to engage in a wide-range of activities that helped them learn more about and consider the Easter story in greater depth. The children were able to reflect on their own personal beliefs and the Christian values of our school.



Year 5 were lucky enough to visit the Planetarium today! The children learnt about the planets and our Solar system in more detail and were able to take an interactive journey to other planets within our Solar system. 



To support our RE curriculum and British Values within school, we invited Leeds DEC in to lead a workshop entitled 'Islam and I'. The children in Year 5 were able to explore what Islam is, what it means to be a British Muslim; similarities and differences between Christianity and Islam as well as work by Muslim artist Mohammed Ali Aerosol. The children completed a range of activities over the course of the workshop. 

In RE this week, Year 5 were considering how Christians believe Jesus to be a saviour. They read different stories in which the character (Joshua) saved the other character. The children then discussed what they thought about how the characters were feeling at different points throughout the story and what Joshua did to save the situation.



In DT this half term the Year 5 children have been tasked with the challenge of designing and making an automata to raise awareness about endangered animals. This week Year 5 have been exploring different cam mechanism to decide which would be most suitable for their own designs. The children then went on to create their own working automatas. 

In DT, during Spring Term, the children made the official dish of the state of Texas: Chili con carne. They enjoyed following a recipe, prepping the food and mixing the ingredients, but most of all they enjoyed sampling the finished product!

Skipton Castle


This week our Year 5's visited Skipton Castle, the children have been learning about Skipton Castle in their English lessons this week and impressed the guides with their knowledge. 

International Week 13.11.17 - 17.11.17


This week we are celebrating International Week at Bramley St. Peter's and have been considering the Global Goal #13 - Climate Action. All week the children in 5HC have been learning about what climate change is, who is responsible for climate change and who is affected by it. This afternoon the children have been working in groups to consider the consequences of climate change. 



This week 5HC have started learning about spreadsheets, the children learnt the terms sheet, cell and cell reference and then attempted to correctly name each cell with the cell reference. 

Stay and Problem Solve - 8/11/17


This morning Year 5 hosted a Stay and Problem Solve session, in which parents were invited in to help their children with their maths work.


Thank you to all those parents who managed to attend, it was lovely to see you in class! 




Our new topic in Year 5 during Autumn 2 is 'Castles' as part of their homework children were challenged to either research castles or make their own castle. Below are some of the castles our children made, we hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we do!

Black History Month


To celebrate Black History Month, each class had a day off timetable to study an inspirational person from black history. In 5HC we completed a range of activities which helped us understand more about the life of Stephen Lawrence and the impact of institutionalised racism. We started the day by adopting a potato in pairs, getting to know our potato and then trying to recognise our potato when it was placed back into a bag full of other potatoes. The children discussed how, whilst at first glance the potatoes looked similar, their own potato was actually very different to someone else's in the class. 


10th October


In Art this week, 5CC have been creating colourful pictures using the ancient paper rolling art of quilling. Paper quilling originally started in the 15th century when French and Italian nuns and monks began to decorate religious objects. The name stems from the fact that they rolled their paper over goose quills.

5HC researched Viking Longships and had to present their information in the form of a poster. We had a class competition to see who could work together the most effectively to produce a high quality piece of work. 
Over the past couple of weeks in computing, Year 5 have been designing their own computer games which they are now developing using Scratch. 

September 20th


In lessons this week, 5CC have been thinking about how the media influences the way we feel about celebrities. The children were challenged to rank six celebrities as good or bad role models and then justify their reasoning. 





Year 5 have started to consider the skills required to conduct a debate. The children started by raising their awareness of the rights they are entitled to. In class, they then played games such as, 'Vote with your feet', 'Rebuttal Tennis' and 'Conscience Alley' in order to develop their debating skills. 


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10th October


As part of our English this week the children have been writing cinquain poems about Vikings. The children learnt that a cinquain poem doesn't have to rhyme but it does have to have five lines and the lines must follow the syllable pattern: 2,4,6,8,2.

September 18th


In English this week, the children have been thinking about what kind of person it would take to fight Grendel. They created their own job advertisements and interviewed candidates for the job in a hot-seating activity. 

September 11th

This week in English Year 5 started to read Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo. The children imagined what Grendel's lair would look like before drawing and painting their images. They then used these to write a description of the lair. Have a look at some of the drawings and descriptions the children created.