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Under the Sea

How are we damaging the world?

For part of our 'Healthy Inside and Out Day' we thought about recognising and celebrating our strengths and setting ourselves goals for the future. We made rosettes and on the back wrote a sentence to say what we were good at and why. 

At the Coast

If you could visit one coastline in the world, where would it be? 


We enjoyed designing and making some model ice cream vans that move using wheels and axels. We used our computing skills to make signs for our vans to encourage people to buy our ice creams. 

Gardeners' World

Could you grow a banana in the UK? 


In our science lesson we asked the question 'Where do plants grow best in our school grounds?' We chose 2 different habitats within our school grounds, the field and the forest garden and identified the plants that grew there. We then looked at which plants grew where and why that might be. 

During our DT lessons this half term we made some tasty fruit kebabs. We started by finding out which countries the fruits grew in and identified them on a world map. Then we tasted the different fruits to help us design our fruit kebabs. We then thought about how to use a knife safely and used our chopping skills to carefully cut pieces of fruit for our kebabs. After all that hard work we finally got to eat and enjoy them! Delicious!

Brilliant Bugs!

What would the world be like without bugs? 


Today we had a visit from Zoo Lab. We met some fascinating creatures (a cockroach, giant African land snail, millipede, snake, tarantula and a degu) and learnt lots of interesting facts about them. 

Bug Hotels

In our Design and Technology lessons this half term we have evaluated, designed and then made our own bug hotels. We had to look closely at bug hotels that were already made to see what we liked and didn't like about their design and then we used this to help us design and make our own.

Thank you for collecting lots of natural resources for your homework, it really helped us to make the hotels comfortable for the bugs.