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Staff in Reception

Teachers - Mrs Mullarkey and Mrs Coleman

Support staff - Miss Webster, Miss Dearlove, Mrs Kay, Miss Horsfall and Miss Sanderson

A very big welcome to our Class Page.


The new school year is well under way and the children have settled very quickly into their classes in Reception.


On this page we hope to share information about what we have been learning, photographs, comments and pieces of work with you.



Try these Websites with your child.  Have some fun!

Reception High Frequency Words

Pre-cursive Handwriting
Class newsletters
Autumn A Newsletter
Autumn B Newsletter
Spring A Newsletter
Spring B Newsletter
Summer A Newsletter
Summer B Newsletter

Our Harvest Festival

Friday 30th September 2016


The children were very excited getting ready to visit the Baptist Church to celebrate our Harvest Festival.  They crossed the road sensibly and then sat at the front of the church to join in with the celebrations.

A big thank you to all those parents who came to our first 'Stay and Play' on Friday 7th October.

The children thoroughly enjoyed playing with parents and grandparents. 


Here are some super photographs from the morning.


Autumn 1
Some of our autumn fun photographs.  The children have been making spiders, counting conkers, investigating pumpkins and chalking skeletons on the paving stones outside.
In Maths we have been ordering items by height.  We have described the items using vocabulary such as: smallest, small, medium sized, middle sized, tallest, tall, big and biggest.
Fun with Cardboard Tubes and Boxes!

Autumn 2


Growth Mindset


This week we have had our Growth Mindset launch.  The children have been thinking about being more positive and confident towards their learning.  During the week they have thought about how they can help themselves using the resources around them, asking a friend or an adult, but ultimately to become more independent in their school day.  


We listened to some lovely stories over the week and after hearing 'the dot' by

Peter H Reynolds the children were encouraged to paint their own dot pictures.  

Here are a few for you to see and pictures of Friday's Star of the Day who persevered to fasten his own coat.  Well done Jenson!

Numicon fun in the Outdoor Area


Chloe used the large Numicon plates to find different ways to make 10.  

Thank you to those parents who supported our Phonics Workshop on 22nd November 2016.  Your feedback was very positive - thank you all very much.


We hope to see more of you at our next workshop and will let you know the date as soon as it is arranged.


We are adding the power point that was shared, with those who attended, for you all to see.  Please also look at the glossary of terms and some of the other resources that were given out at the workshop.

Stay and Play Autumn 2

Our Nativity Play


The children performed the story of the birth of Jesus to the whole school and then to their parents and carers on Monday 12th December.  We had actors, narrators and lots of singing with wonderful ringing of sleigh bells.  Children dressed up as angels, stars, shepherds, sheep, wise men, camels, horses, cows and of course Mary, Joseph and the donkey.  They put on two brilliant performances and made the Reception staff feel incredibly proud.  


Well done Reception.

Spring 1


We had a wonderful visitor in school on our second day of the new term.  Our Collective Worship at the beginning of the day was led by the Number Fun Man.  He used a Bible story to introduce the children to number bonds to 10 and incorporated lots of singing and maths into his collective worship.


Following the whole school Collective Worship we were lucky enough to spend another hour with him and he taught the children some new songs with lots of movements and actions involving doubling, counting, addition and subtraction.  

Chinese New Year


We have been learning about how people celebrate Chinese New Year. The children have made dragons, lanterns and cards. They enjoyed watching a story about how the animals were ordered to make the Chinese 12 year zodiac cycle. 


The children produced some beautiful work for our class R.E book and they enjoyed tasting prawn crackers and noodles. 

Our topic for Spring 2 is:


Journeys and Transport


We will be sharing some lovely books about different types of transport and journeys to different places.  Please encourage your child to bring books into school to share at story time.

Spring 2


Thank you to those parents who supported our first Maths Workshop and your lovely feedback.  The power point is attached if you would like to see what was discussed.

World Book Day Thursday 2nd March 2017

We had a wonderful day in Reception for World Book Day.  The children and staff had made an amazing effort to dress up as characters from favourite books.  


We had a very exciting time even having stories read in Collective Worship by a Fantastic Mr Fox and a wonderful Oompa-Loompa!  The children also heard a description of the character Mr Twit, by the man himself, from the

Roald Dahl book 'The Twits'. 

Thank you to parents and staff for making it such a special day for the children.

Spring 2 - Stay and Play


Parents and carers joined the children for more fun in the classroom. 

A big thank you to the two parents who painted our playhouse and fort. 


The children always enjoy sharing activities and their work with a grown-up and some super creative work and maths were produced. 


Thank you to you all.

Our Big Build Challenge


On Friday 17th March 2017 the children and parents were challenged to build a bridge that would hold the weight of a toy crocodile, for 15 seconds.  A variety of materials were available for the adults and children to choose from to build.  Each child received a certificate for their participation.


The children worked in the dining room, in small groups, with parents and carers.  Please look at the photographs to see the wonderful bridges that were created. 


A very big thank you to those parents and carers who supported this activity.  Your support is always greatly appreciated.

Summer A 2017

Our topic this half term is:-  Growth and New Life

Monday 24th April the eggs arrived!!  Hooray!  The children and staff are very excited and we are looking forward to Wednesday and Thursday when the eggs will start to hatch.  We will post photographs and videos so you can watch the progress the chicks make.



Day 1        The setting up of the incubator
Day 2      No chicks yet hopefully tomorrow we'll see some cracks develop.

Day 3


We arrived at school to find our first chick had hatched.  The children were very excited to see her.

Day 3 continued


By Wednesday lunchtime our second chick hatched.  Some of the children managed to catch the magic moment.  

Day 4


Thursday morning there were two eggs cracking and quite quickly the chicks arrived.

Day 4 continued


By the end of the school day on Thursday the rest of the chicks hatched.  Amazingly we had 12 healthy chicks.  We had six male and six female!  Wonderful.  

Miss Webster had the pleasure of looking after the chicks over the Bank Holiday weekend.  Her cat was very interested in the chicks!!  They did all come back safe and sound on Tuesday morning.
Day 9 back in school the chicks were pleased to spend some time running around the classroom floors.  The children in both classes sat very sensibly in a circle to stroke them and say hello.

Day 10 to 12


The chicks visited the Year 1 classes as well as spend time with Reception.  They had lots of visitors at play times and adults from around school came to see them.


On  Friday when they left we were all very sad, especially Miss Webster, but we have some wonderful memories of their time with us.

Our Trip to St Leonard's Farm - Wednesday 7th June 2017


The children thoroughly enjoyed their first school trip.  They excitedly travelled on a coach and a minibus and spent a fun packed day at the farm.


Farmer James introduced the children to lots of different animals including a kid, a chick, a rat, a lamb, a ferret and even a 'snake!!'


They spent an hour in the Play Barn whizzing down slides and swinging on ropes.  After this tired them out it was lunch time.  We ate at picnic benches with our friends.


During the afternoon we watched goats trip trapping over the bridge, and fed the other animals in their pens and in the fields.  We saw an alpaca and huge pigs, ponies, meerkats and even a rhea (a relative of the emu).


We even had chance for a final play in the playgrounds before venturing back to school.



Our RSPB Visit

Today, Friday 14th July we had a visit from the RSPB.  The teacher leader shared a story with the classes before taking them outside for a minibeast hunt.


The children had a wonderful day finding different creatures such as caterpillars, butterflies, ladybirds, beetles, spiders and ants.  They also talked about the plants growing on the school grounds.

SPORTS DAY - Tuesday 18th July 2017

We split into our country groups and had a day to prepare for sports day.  Each country made their own flags, hats, props and even learnt a dance!!


The weather on the day was a scorcher!  We were so pleased to see so many parents, grandparents, carers and friends come to watch and support the children.


The countries started the day sharing their dances before moving to the activities.


We had a large range of challenges for the children to complete and adults watched the fun!  The children worked hard and by the end of the morning were exhausted. 


Well done Reception

Some useful tips at the start of the year.

Key Skills Leaflet for Parents