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Week 4

Hello again Year 6 laugh


We hope that you have had a lovely Easter weekend. We are missing you all and hoping that you and your families are keeping healthy and happy. 

How did you find the learning about communication and secret messaging last week? (If you have now downloaded the Seesaw app then please send us photos of any work that you have completed. We would love to see it!)


Our theme this week is... 



Some activities that you could try this week:


  • Design your own magical potion. Think creatively- what will it include? what will the effects of the potion be (purpose)? who would you give the potion to and why? If you are able to, you could even spend time making a magical potion, maybe finding bits from your garden or around the house. Be sure to ask an adult though, and obviously don't give that potion to anyone!!


  • Learn some simple magic tricks to impress family and friends! There are lots of videos to support beginners who are learning magic tricks for you to explore. Here is one I have found which is aimed at children- could you give these a go with brothers and sisters?


  • Create your own Magic Box poem (see below for an example and support) What would be in your magic box? Could you use the images above for inspiration?


  • Complete the maths magic squares (below) and then create some of your own! Perhaps you can take a photo and then share them with each other so that a friend can try and solve yours. 


We hope that you have fun trying out these challenges! Remember to keep using other areas of the school website for home learning support, and please send us photographs or even just messages about how you are finding these tasks on Seesaw if you can. 


Stay safe! 


Miss Buxton and Miss Garner yes