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Nursery Class Teacher - Mrs Mullarkey

Support Staff - Mrs Hall, Mrs Kay and Mr Mullarkey

Mrs Bell will also be teaching in Nursery Thursday mornings

and Mrs Finn Thursday afternoons.


On this page we hope to share information about what we have been learning, photographs, comments and pieces of work with you.


Spring 1:  Bears

                  Do you want to go on a bear



Autumn 2:  Colours, Patterns and Sounds


                      What is your favourite colour?



International Day

Today we were thinking about The Arctic and what is happening to where the polar bears live.  We talked about the ice melting and then explored ice in a tuff tray.  


We worked together to create a large polar bear using lots of different plastics, paper and card.


We decided in Nursery that we would recycle much more of our paper and card.  We have been provided with a new bin in order to do this. ♻️

Remembrance Day Poppies

In the Role Play Area

Autumn Treasures


Our Topic Shelves

Making our firework pictures

Autumn 1:  Settling In, All About Me


                       Who looks after me?

The Nursery children have been having so much fun as they have been settling in and making new friends. 


Here are some lovely photographs and collages to show you what they have been doing.

Investigating pumpkins in the Outdoor Area


The children were excited to explore and talk about the pumpkins as they scooped out seeds with spoons.

Here are some of the things they said.


"It's cold!"

"It's sticky!"

"It feels gooey!"

"I hate the smell!"

"I like the smell!"

"It's freezing!"

"It feels like an orange!"


After making a big ship with the natural materials the

children then made some super houses and faces.

Some of the autumn 1 displays in our setting.

The children were very excited when the

school’s post person came to visit.