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Read the instructions below and look at the layout of the instructions to see what good instructions include and what they should look like.

Write some instructions for someone in your house to follow. Don't forget to be bossy!


There are some ideas of what you could write instruction for below or think of something else that you do in your house to write in structions for.


When you have written the instructions, ask someone to follow them exactly to see if the instructions are correct. 


  • How to make a sandwich
  • How to build a lego model
  • How to clean your teeth
  • How to make a paper aeroplane
  • How to draw a house.
  • How to do a star jump
  • How to get from the kitchen to your bedroom.
Using bossy verbs known as imperative verbs at the beginning of each instruction is very important. Below are some activities that you could do to practise and improve your use of bossy verbs in the instructions you write.

Here are some bossy verbs that could be useful.

Here is a game to practise doing the bossy verbs.