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Writing Riddles

Writing a riddle


Have a go at writing some riddles!


Decide on your topic for your riddle e.g. an earthworm. List as many words and phrases as you can think of that describe your topic answer or are linked to it.


You could think about:

What does your thing look like? Sound like? Taste like? Smell like? Feel like?

How is your thing used?
What does your thing do?
Where do you find it?
Can you find any synonyms (words that have the same meaning) to help describe your thing?

Some good sentence starters you could use are:

I have…………….

I use……………..

I can…………….



Remember – the clues should get easier as the reader reads through the riddle.


Here is an example of a good riddle: 




Here is a PowerPoint of riddle activities to keep you busy for a whole week! There is an activity a day.

Use this sheet to give you lots of ideas for what you could write a riddle about. 

You can write riddles linked to any topic! Have a look at the number riddles below. Can you work out the answer and then have a go at writing your own maths riddles?