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Reading in 5HC

So far this year these are the books we have read as a class...


During our first week in Year 5 we have been completing some work around the theme of courage. We have learnt all about Malala Yousafzai and the courage she showed when she spoke out against the Taliban in a fight for equal education rights for all in her home country of Pakistan. 

We tried to imagine what Malala must have felt when she was told girls couldn't go to school and then we expressed our ideas in the form of a diary entry.

We also created some campaign posters supporting the belief that education is for all regardless of gender.



During RE in Autumn 1, Year 5 have been learning about God and how he is omniscient, omnipotent and eternal. We learnt that churches are designed in a specific way to demonstrate Christian beliefs about God. Sometimes churches have stained glass windows which are used to tell stories. We created our own stained glass windows which tell the story of a Holy and loving God. 

International Day


During International Day, Year 5 learnt all about the impact of Climate Change on our planet. We learnt about how we gather data around climate use satellites and we learnt that we can each make a small change by either reducing, reusing or recycling materials. We reused old t-shirts that no longer fit us to create our very own tote bags.



In Year 5 we have started learning the Ukulele so far this year we have learnt the C, G and F chords and we have begun to put the three together to play 'Jingle Bells'. 

Migration Workshop


Today we were visited by the Leeds DEC who worked with us to learn all about migration. We read and explored stories about people who have migrated to Leeds from other parts of the world, we considered where our own families have travelled from and we began to tackle the issue of prejudice.