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Week 9

Hello again Year 6, 


How are you all doing? We hope that everyone is managing to stay at home and stay safe! Well done to all of you who are engaging and sharing your work on Seesaw, we love seeing what you are doing.


This week the theme is……..


Me, Myself and I


This week's theme is inspired by you! It is important to look after ourselves and remember how special and unique we all are and celebrate our differences. 

Some activities that you could try this week:

  •  Write a list of all the things that make you special. Look at this list when you are down to cheer yourself up and remind yourself how great you are. You might like to create a list for someone else to cheer them up.
  • Look into your family’s history and try and complete a family tree. You may need to keep asking family members for information. How far back can you go into your family’s history?
  • Think about what makes you special and unique. Create a picture/poster which celebrates how special you are and recognises how you are different from others. Include your appearance, your interests and your personality! Your image may look like this:
  • Learn a new skill today. This can be anything you want but here are a few examples (your parents will need to help with some of these)


Learn the alphabet in sign language

Make a new lunch dish for yourself

Find out how to use the washing machine and hang up clothes

Practise a new skill in your chosen sport

Teach your pet something new

Help to stitch up some old clothes

Plant a flower or tree so that it is in a suitable environment to grow

Practise changing the sheets and covers on the bed

Say hello in at least 10 different languages

Enjoy learning something new!

  • You can inherit different characteristics from parents.

Create a comparison of yourself against family members. This could be done through a table, a graph or drawings of different family members with labels. You can compare to parents, siblings or grandparents.

Do you have similar or different hair colours?

Can you see similarities in your eye colour?

Does any in your family have dimples?

Are glasses common in your family?

Has height been passed down?

  • Write a story where you are the main character.
  • Think about what you want to be in the future. What things do you need to accomplish in order to achieve this?
  • Create a map from memory of your local area. How many road names can you remember? Try to use some of these ordnance survey symbols which you would find on maps where appropriate.

When you think your map is as detailed as possible, check it. If it’s possible to go for a walk in your local area, take your map with you to see how accurate you were. If you can’t go for a walk, use google maps to compare your map.

  • Choose one of your favourite books. Imagine that the author has written you a letter explaining they want to extend the story. Use today to write the next two pages of the story. What might your characters do after the ending? Be sure to try and write in a similar style to the author. If there are illustrations in the book, add your own to your two pages in the illustrator’s style. If there are no illustrations, draw your own for the final two pages. Be creative and be an author!
  • Write a poem all about you. Think about what you enjoy, your personality, your family. Are you going to make it rhyme?
  • Choose one of your favourite places. This could be a famous landmark like Wembley Stadium, a place that you visit often like the local skatepark or even just your home. Create a tourist information leaflet about why people should visit your chosen place. Ensure that you:

Include any activities that they can do there

Use adjectives and explain why this place is so great

Include a price to get in if there is one

Promote any facilities such as shops or restaurants

Give directions or possibly draw a small map

Discuss who this place is most suitable for

  • Looking after your mental wellbeing is important! Make a list of all the things that people can do to make themselves feel more positive. These could be suggestions like: tell each other a joke, paint a picture, take 5 deep breaths, spend some time in nature, give someone a compliment, smile at each person you meet. Turn this list into a poster which would help yourself and others if you ever need cheering up. You can draw positive pictures to go along with your list. When it is complete, you may wish to stick it up on the wall, a fridge or in the window to help to remind you and your family of ways they can stay mentally healthy.


We hope that you enjoy trying some of these activities and we hope to hear about how you've been getting on through Seesaw. 


Stay safe, 


Miss Garner and Miss Buxton :D