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Art and Design



Art and Design Intent

At Bramley St Peter’s, we believe that every child is an artist! We strive to ensure that every child in our school has as many opportunities to enjoy art and develop a wide range of skills as possible. The main areas we focus on here at Bramley St. Peter’s are drawing, painting, sculpture, and craft and design.  We want our art and design curriculum to nurture children’s creativity and a love of art. We want all pupils to discover new artists and techniques alongside developing a respect for artwork produced by others, including their peers. Our art curriculum is planned so that through their time at Bramley St. Peter’s, children’s artistic skills are developed year on year alongside developing their knowledge of different techniques, medias, and artists so they can make their own informed, creative choices when producing artwork. Through this progressive curriculum, we aim to engage, inspire, and challenge pupils whilst equipping them with the knowledge and skills so they understand that becoming an illustrator, architect or sculptor is a possibility and that art and design is for everyone to enjoy.