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History Intent

At Bramley St Peter’s C of E Primary School, our history curriculum engages and excites the children’s curiosity and supports the development of key historical knowledge, skills and concepts. Our rich topic, enquiry-based curriculum gives children the opportunity to investigate and discover local, British and world history, have chronological understanding of the different time periods studied, and be able to make links between topics building upon their existing understanding. We aim to develop curious learners who reflect on the past, answer and ask meaningful questions, and think about how they can investigate the answers. We bring the history curriculum to life through experiences in and out of the classroom, with the use of artefacts and objects, and educational visits, experiences and visitors.


We intend that our children will:

  • Possess a secure understanding of the chronology of significant time periods and societies, in Britain and the wider world.
  • Think critically and analytically.
  • Discover connections between the history they learn and the wider community today, helping them to appreciate diversity in the modern world and their place within it.
  • Further their knowledge of continuity and change over time.
  • Differentiate between source types and explain how and why interpretations in history may differ.
  • Recognise similarities and differences within and across historical time periods.
  • Conduct enquiries into historical themes and questions and form their own opinions and interpretation of the past based on evidence.