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Autumn 2 - Life in a Freezer
Big Question - Would you survive in Antarctica?


Autumn 1 - Brilliant Bugs

Big question - What would the world be like without bugs?

Zoolab Visit!


We had a visitor to school from Zoolab who brought some very interesting minibeasts for us to learn about. The children were very brave, gentle with the creatures and asked lots of interesting questions too.

Brilliant Books!

This half term we have already read Norman the slug with the silly shell and did some descriptive writing to describe Norman's doughnut shell.


We are currently reading about a pair of mischievous centipede friends and the children are really eager to find out what exciting (and maybe dangerous!) adventures Harry and George go on.


Our next book will be SPYDER where the children will meet a super spy insect.

Harvest Festival.

We really enjoyed learning the songs for the harvest service at Bramley Baptist church. Thank you for all of your kind donations towards the collection and sharing of food.

We made collage pictures of some of the fruits and vegetables that are harvested during this time of year. We had to think carefully about which colours to use for the different fruits and vegetables. We were very proud to show off our wonderful art work in church. 

Minibeast hunting!


As part of our Science lessons, we are learning about the habitats of a variety of minibeasts. We thought it would be fun to go out into their natural habitats to see what we could find. We went into our school forest garden and made a tally of all the minibeasts we found there.

Active learning

We have been using some active learning games to help with spelling Year 2 words and counting in 2, 5 and 10s. The children enjoyed playing all 3 games but their favourite was ‘Island Hopping’ where we had to jump on different words and spell them correctly. 
What a fun, active way to help our learning 👍

Island Hopping spelling

Table Tennis counting

Round the Circle counting


Hot and Cold places

We have been learning about the kind of animals that you can find in hot places and cold places in our world. We thought about what the animals had to do to adapt to their habitat in order to survive.


Food Chains

The children enjoyed learning about food chains in today’s Science lesson. We thought carefully about which living things would eat other living things and what might be eaten by different creatures. 


Caring for our world

In RE this half term, we have been learning that the Bible teaches us how to care for our world. We learnt that God asks us to look after His garden so we looked after our school garden. We thought it was really important to tidy up our school forest area. We also had lots of fun using the litter pickers!

Science choice chambers


In Science, we were investigating the conditions that woodlice prefer to live in. We set up some choice chambers with half being able to change between dark and light and the other half able to be damp or dry. We predicted which side we thought the woodlice would prefer, then watched to see which side they ran towards. Our predictions were correct and the woodlice ran towards the damp paper towel and under the dark paper sleeve. We found out that woodlice prefer to live in damp and dark conditions!

Dodgeball fun!


In PE we have been practising ball skills and dodging techniques. We thought it would be fun to combine all of the skills we had learnt together in a fun game of dodgeball. We used different sized balls and rolled the balls first before throwing them. First we aimed for below the knees before moving onto below the shoulders. We had so much fun and enjoyed quite a few rounds.

Brilliant Bug Hotels

In DT, we have designed our own bug hotels to go in the school forest garden. We used hammer and nails joining techniques to make our project from wood and wire mesh. We learnt about handling tools safely and definitely showed perseverance and problem solving skills. Some of the thin pieces of wood were tricky to work with but we are very pleased with the final products.