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Design Technology (DT)


Design and Technology Intent

At Bramley St. Peter’s we intend to develop creativity, enthusiasm and practical skills within DT that will benefit the children as they progress through school, and into their future lives. Children are exposed to a wide range of opportunities to explore, design, make and evaluate, whilst building confidence in their own abilities and developing a growth mindset. They acquire a depth of subject knowledge and draw upon disciplines across the curriculum such as maths, art, science and computing. We nurture our children to take risks, to develop new innovative designs, and to be creative and reflective learners. Our DT curriculum enables children to discover new experiences, possibilities and skills, understanding the importance that DT plays in our rapidly changing world.


Design technology is taught in units for 3 half terms of the year, which is alternated with art and design. Our children will create a range of structures, mechanisms, textiles, electrical systems and food products (cooking and nutrition).


Our DT curriculum is centred around the ‘Explore, Design, Make and Evaluate’ iterative cycle.