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Autumn 2

Our big question for this half term is:

'Who were the Victorians and what did they do for us?'

Throughout this topic we will be exploring a range of historical skills and knowledge relating to the Victorians. The key questions which will form the structure to our History learning are:

  • When was the Victorian era in time and what was the Industrial Revolution?
  • Were working conditions for children in workhouses as bad as it sounds?
  • What was school like for children during the Victorian era?
  • If life was so hard for families in the towns why did so many leave the countryside and move to the towns?
  • Which inventions impacted Leeds and surrounding areas during the Victorian era?
  • Were the Victorian times a Dark Age or a Golden Age?


Autumn 1

Our big question for Autumn 1 is 

'Which natural disaster has the largest impact on human life?

throughout this topic we will be exploring a range of different natural disasters in order to prepare us for our debate at the end of the topic. The following enquiry questions will form the structure of our Geography lessons: 

  • What are natural disasters?
  • What are tectonic plates and how do they cause natural disasters?
  • Can we predict when a volcano is going to erupt?
  • What should you do during and after an earthquake?
  • Can you choose a natural disaster and research its impact on the world?
  • How has this Geography learning helped you debate the big question?