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Restorative approaches

Restorative Approaches


Bramley St. Peter’s C of E Primary School is on a journey to introducing 'Restorative Practice' to the approach that we take to resolving behavioural incidents and building relationships. See our school Behaviour Policy for more details. 


We believe that 'Restorative Approaches' teach children about the effect of their own behaviours and how to work together in a positive way. The children are taught that our actions have consequences, but all incidents are dealt with in a fair, consistent manner through the use of question cards carried by all staff:

1. What happened?

2. What were you THINKING and FEELING at the time?

3. How did this make other people feel?

4. Who has been affected and how?

5. What should we do to put things right?

These questions are intended to help children to find a positive outcome for themselves in light of any negative events.


Central to this is developing our children's ability to form positive relationships. Therefore each class in school has circle time where they may talk through any issues that may have arisen and look for ways to solve any problems together. They also may look at other aspects of our PSHE curriculum during the circle time sessions.