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Image result for children cartoon welcome

to our Nursery page

Staff in Nursery


Teacher - Mrs Mullarkey 

Support staff - Mrs Hall and Mrs Kay

Mrs Finn will also be teaching in Nursery on a Wednesday.

On this page we hope to share information about what we have been learning, photographs, comments and pieces of work with you.

Spring 2:  Wheels


                  Why are wheels round?

Mark making with friends

Sports Relief Day - Friday 13th March 2020

We have been reading the book 'Magic Train Ride' by Sally Crabtree. The children have been making their own magic tickets.

World Book Day in Nursery

Thursday 5th March 2020

The wheels on the bus go round and round 

Spring 1:  Bears


                  Do you want to go on a bear


We have been learning the days of the week and have made up our own song.  These are the actions we do for each day.

The children have been painting and drawing daffodils

in Nursery.

Science Day in Nursery

Tuesday 4th February 2020

We have been learning about Chromatography - separating

a mixture.


We found the colour you get in a felt-tip pen depends on the

mixture of inks that have been used.  

We could clearly see blue and yellow ink is used to

make the green that we colour with. 

The brown was a little trickier, but afterwards we did some colour mixing using paints to check if the colours we could see on our chromatography papers were correct.

The children made brilliant scientists.  They wore white lab coats and even cleaned the area after they had finished their investigations.


Well done Nursery.



Colour mixing using paints.

It has been very windy so we decided to make our own kites.  

The children had a lot of fun running round and round

the Outdoor Area flying their kites.



The children enjoyed listening to the story Bear's Birthday

by Stella Blackstone


In the story Bear has a wonderful birthday and a big birthday feast.  We decided to make our own sandwiches.  The children decided if they wanted jam, honey or just margarine in their sandwiches.  They spread their own margarine and added a filling if they wanted one.  


We have also been reading This is the Bear and the Picnic Lunch

by Sarah Hayes


The children really felt like they were having their own little picnic in the classroom and sat with their friends to eat their sandwiches and have a drink. 


The children then completed a chart together to show which filling they had chosen and we could see that jam was the most popular!  

The children have been making 'silly soup' as part of our phonics lessons.  They have been finding things beginning with 'b' to add to the soup.  They sing the silly soup song and take it in turns to add ingredients.   We chose 'b' as we are learning about bears this half term.

January Stay and Play


We had fun with bears and Chinese New Year activities.

We had a wonderful morning with parents, grandparents and carers at our stay and play session


Tuesday 21st January.


Thank you to you all for your time and for helping the children enjoy the morning.  

Our afternoon stay and play session on

Thursday 23rd January was also a great success. 

Thank you again to parents and carers for joining us.

We loved going on a bear hunt in the classroom.

Here are our beautiful Chinese New Year Lanterns

Autumn 2:  Colour, Pattern and Sound


                    What is your favourite colour?

Our amazing mark making work

Over the half term the children have completed some amazing mark making work.  They have used brushes and paints, paint dabbers, felt-tip pens, pencils, crayons, biros and glitter pens.  They have created their own beautiful pictures, spoken to friends and staff to take dinner orders and written shopping lists.  They have enjoyed exploring what it feels like to write.


Well done Nursery.

Our Christmas Stay and Play Sessions


Thank you to parents, grandparents and carers for staying to play and making our stay and play sessions so successful.

Musical Fun in Nursery

The children enjoyed listening to the story


The Ding Dong Bag

by Jess Stockham


They sang and played musical instruments alone, in pairs, small groups and as a whole class.  The children know the instruments are stored in an old brown suitcase under the teacher's chair.  

Investigating Technology in Nursery

Autumn 1:   Settling In, All About Me

                           Who looks after me?

Printing with autumn colours in Nursery

The children have enjoyed using cotton wool and pegs to print their own autumn pictures.

Investigating pumpkins in the outdoor area

The children were excited to talk about the pumpkins. 

Here are some of the things they said.


"Mine goes boing!  It's got seeds in it"

"It's slimy."

"A lot of seeds."

"It's squashy!"

"I'm going to cut my piece in half."

"You can make a pumpkin cake."


The children enjoyed scooping out the seeds and then placing them in balance scales to see how many they needed to balance with conkers of different amounts and sizes.