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Staff in Nursery


Teacher - Mrs Mullarkey 

Support staff - Mrs Hall and Mrs Kay

Mrs Finn will also be teaching in Nursery on a Wednesday.

On this page we hope to share information about what we have been learning, photographs, comments and pieces of work with you.

Autumn 2:  Colour, Pattern and Sound


                    What is your favourite colour?

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Autumn 1:   Settling In, All About Me

                           Who looks after me?

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Printing with autumn colours in Nursery

The children have enjoyed using cotton wool and pegs to print their own autumn pictures.
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Investigating pumpkins in the outdoor area

The children were excited to talk about the pumpkins. 

Here are some of the things they said.


"Mine goes boing!  It's got seeds in it"

"It's slimy."

"A lot of seeds."

"It's squashy!"

"I'm going to cut my piece in half."

"You can make a pumpkin cake."


The children enjoyed scooping out the seeds and then placing them in balance scales to see how many they needed to balance with conkers of different amounts and sizes. 


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