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Year 6

Welcome to our Y6 year group page.

We will update this page regularly throughout the year with photos, examples of outstanding work and any key information so please keep visiting. We are excited to see what the year has to bring!


Staff in Year 6 



6LG- Miss Garner 

6JB- Miss Buxton 


Support Staff: 

Mrs Butteree

Mrs Watson

Mrs Howarth 


PPA is covered every Tuesday afternoon by the wonderful Ms. DD and Miss Akhondi. 

Summer 2


We are in the final term of Year 6, and will be preparing the children for their transition to their new secondary school. It is an exciting and, at times, emotional time of year and we have a jam-packed half term full of fun learning opportunities! 😊


Our big question this half term is...

'What changes are important to my life: past, present, and future?'


Within this, we will be focusing on Evolution and Inheritance in Science, learning about the theories of past scientists such as Charles Darwin and exploring themes of adaptation. The children will be reflecting on their own inheritance and investigating inherited vs acquired characteristics. 

Our PSHE learning will centre around change, both in exploring our thoughts, feelings and worries about secondary school as well as changes to our bodies when completing our RSE (relationship and sex education) unit of learning. 

In Geography, we will will look to answer the question 'does my local area have everything it needs for its inhabitants?', using digital technologies and OS maps to look at changes over time and key features of the area we live in. 

We also have a range of other activities within the wider curriculum to look forward to, working towards earning our place on our amazing Y6 end of year trip! 


Last half term. the children had the chance to vote for the novel which they would like their teacher to read to them. The winner was High Rise Mystery by Sharna Jackson. We will also be reading a wide range of picture books, examples of which seen below. 

Summer 1

This half term we are focusing a lot of our learning around the Ancient Greeks!

We will be exploring the big question-

'Ancient Greek life: does it still hold influence in the 21st century?'

The children will have a range of opportunities to deepen their understanding of the lifestyles of the Ancient Greeks, particularly comparing the Athenians and Spartans.

We will be asking the questions: 

  • What were some key events during the Ancient Greek era?
  • What was the Battle of Marathon and why was it important?
  • Who did the Greeks look up to?
  • How do the modern Olympics differ to when they originated?
  • What other concepts were heavily influenced by the Greeks? 

 In our art we are developing our clay skills when producing a sculpture of a Greek theatre mask. Our writing sessions will also allow the children to deepen their knowledge about the Greeks through the study of mythical creatures when writing their own poem and Greek myth.


As seen below, throughout the topic we will be using the beautifully illustrated Mythologica book which teaches us all about the Greek legends, Gods and Godesses and mythical monsters in a superbly eye-catching way. In class we will firstly be finishing Letters from the Lighthouse, but for a link to the mythical we recommend The Girl of Ink and Stars. We have plenty of copies in school for the children to enjoy when reading independently! 

Spring 2

Our big question for this half term is:

What was life like in Britain during World War 2?

Throughout this half term we will be developing and building upon our previous half term's  knowledge of World War 2. However unlike last half term, we will be focusing on the war from the British side. We will be learning about how the war affected Britain and what it was like in Britain throughout the 6 year battle. Some key themes we will focus on are: the purpose of propaganda, the Blitz, evacuation, women's roles, rationing and how the war ended. 

In order to be able to answer our big question, our Topic lessons are sequenced carefully and aim to answer a specific question. Our lesson questions are below:

1. why and how were people enthused to join the war effort?

2. What will a night during the Blitz have been like?

3. What was Operation Pied Piper?

4. What was rationed during WW2?

5. Did women just stay at home during WW2?

6. How did WW2 end?

To support our World War 2 in Britain learning this half term we will be reading the novel 'Letters from the Lighthouse' by Emma Carroll. It is is a historical mystery set in WWII Britain. When Olive's sister goes missing during an air raid, Olive is determined to find out what happened. Unfortunately, just like many children, Olive and her younger brother Cliff are evacuated to the countryside where it is safer. Olive finds a secret coded note so everything gets a whole lot more confusing, but Olive is convinced to crack the code and find out what happened to her sister Sukie.

Autumn 2

Our big question this half term is...

Who were the Victorians and what did they do for us?

This half term in our History and English lessons we are learning all about The Victorians! We will be comparing the lives of the rich and the poor, understanding what schooling was like, the jobs that poor children had to do and even learning about how the Industrial Revolution impacted Leeds. Keep an eye out for photos of our exciting work. 




We are looking forward to reading Street Child by Berlie Doherty in which we learn about the life of little Jim Jarvis who lives life on the Victorian streets. Ask your child about their favourite part so far!

Our big question for this half term is :

Which type of natural disaster has the largest impact on human life?

We will be looking at a variety of different natural disasters including: the impact and damage they can have on people and places;  some of the signs that a natural disaster is looming; how some natural disasters occur and using our map skills to plot some historical natural disasters. We will also be linking our topic of natural disasters in our writing and reading.


What are we reading in Year 6? 


Autumn 1- Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo 

Ask your child about what we have read so far. Do they have any predictions about what is yet to come?