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Summer 2

Ship Ahoy!

The children have been practising their number bonds to 10 and 20 using Purple Mash.

In maths, the children have been talking about the ‘odd one out’. The children have been developing their team-working skills by sharing their reasoning, listening to opinions and reflecting on their answers and thinking.

The children have been preparing for sports day. Our country is Nigeria – Go Nigeria!! We researched the country and completed lots of activities.

The children have been using drama to create freeze frames from one of our favourite pirate stories, Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs. The children really got into character and became terrifying pirate dinosaurs and courageous pirate children!!

This week we have been learning about capacity. The children were excited to be given the task of making magic pirate grog following a set of instructions.

The children had an amazing time during our pirate day. Ooh ARRRGH!

They completed lots of pirate related activities including, using their problem solving skills to make a ship with sails; small and big scale, making pirate hats, using coordinates on a treasure map, writing their own pirate fact file of their pirate selves, creating pirate names, singing pirate songs and dancing pirate jigs. The ice-cream man came for a visit to our school. The children got to have a delicious, whipped ice-cream treat, with sprinkles and a flake!

The Leeds Catering Services provided a 'Bushtucker Trial' of foods that children may not have tasted before. The children used some or their senses to taste, smell and feel a selections of fruit and vegetables. Some were more welcomed than others. Well done to the children who were brave enough to taste some of the more unknown fruits.

Summer 1


Wild about Africa!


The children had a very special treat on Thursday 25th May. They boarded a plane to Africa! After the long flight, the children had a drink and snack on the plane and when they arrived in Africa, they got to experience lots of African-related activities. The children made massai necklaces, Kenyan flags, African mindful colouring, African drumming, they made tribal clothes and even went on an African safari! We were lucky enough to experience the African weather too!

The children enjoyed playing the African drums!

Still image for this video

We had a very special visit from the RSPB who came to talk to us about the RSPB charity and also set us a wild challenge - BioBlitz! All the children in 1LN became nature detectives. We explored our school grounds searching for special bugs and plants. We looked everywhere and despite the very wet weather, we managed to find lots of flowers and little critters!

Year One had a fantastic time at The Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We saw lots of different animals in their habitats. The children had so much fun, they didn’t want to leave!

The children were lucky enough to have a special visit from the chicks in reception, before they embarked on their special journey back to the farm as chicks and not eggs! All 12 chicks hatched this year – truly remarkable!

The children have been learning all about measuring length and height this week. They really enjoyed measuring each other and comparing their heights in the class. It was very interesting to find out that we have lots of children in our class that are the same height!

The children used the art software program Dazzle to create their very own African-inspired pictures. They carefully used the mouse to create different brush strokes and effects.

The children have been practising sketching this week in their special sketchbooks. They have been exploring line and shade through applying different pressures using a sketching pencil. The children have been sketching Jesus and meerkats this week! I think we may have some budding young artists!

Spring 2

All things bright and beautiful...

We hope you all have a happy and restful Easter.

Mrs Newlands, Miss Delaney and Mrs Shakleton


The children enjoyed going to Bramley Baptist Church for our Easter service. They were joined by parents and carers, Rev. Godfrey and Pastor Paul. They listened to the Easter story and enjoyed singing hymns.

The children have been busy creating story maps for the Easter story.

1LN had an 'egg-tra' special treat on Friday! The children were given the task of finding as many hidden Easter eggs as they could. Ready...steady...go!

The children have been inspired by our beautiful spring flowers and sunshine!

We have been learning about fractions this week. The children have been practising finding one quarter of shapes, objects and numbers. We even practised cutting hot cross buns into quarters. They were delicious!

Science Day in 1LN!


We had lots of fun on science day, choosing the best material to make a boat and then testing our boats to see if they floated. We had to be super scientists in order to think scientifically, ask questions and solve any problems that we had. 

The children adapted their boats to make them 'waterproof' and not 'absorb' water. There were some brilliant adaptations and scientific thinking going on!


The children were set a challenge during part of our science day. They were asked to make an aeroplane using their own choice of marierials. One child was chosen per class to compete in a whole school challenge to see which aeroplane would fly the furthest. We didn't win although we did come 4th. Fantastic effort girls and boys! 

Red Nose Day 2017!


The children came dressed up to raise money for RND. We talked about helping others and what it might feel like to be those people that may need help.


As a school, we raised just over £400! Well done :)

Galley Poetry Awards!


The children have been learning and reciting poems for the Galley Poetry Competition. They all worked very hard remembering their poems off by heart.


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The children made a fabulous effort with their World Book Day costumes. We had an action packed day and Mr Twit even made an appearance to read the children a story.                                       "Can't it be World Book Day everyday!" said the children.



Spring 1


Topic - Destination Outer Space!

The children will be learning about the planets, stars and space travel. We will also be learning about astronauts Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake.

The children enjoyed a movie and popcorn on Friday afternoon (27th January) for receiving their 15th class merit. Well done 1LN. Keep up the hard work! 


In Maths we have been learning all the different pairs of numbers that make 10 and 20. We call these number bonds!

We had a very exciting whole school 'number fun' assembly. Following this, Year 1 and 2 took part in an action packed number fun workshop which really challenged our number skills! The children even got to dress up during the interactive session. Take a look at the photographs...

Year 1 are enjoying the topic Destination Outer Space! Just look at their acrostic poems. Wow! The children used their senses and selected some fantastic adjectives when creating their poems.

Autumn 2

The children have enjoyed reading the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We used the 'Talk 4 Writing' approach to retell the story and became super storytellers!


The children used drama to act out scenes from the story. Can you guess which characters the children are by looking at the freeze frames?

The children enjoyed the Key Stage 1 disco!


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Growth Mindset


You may have heard your children talking recently about how they've been developing a 'Growth Mindset' at school. Every class has been looking at and learning about the two types of mindsets that children and adults can have, a ‘fixed’ mindset and a ‘growth mindset. 


Below is an overview of the traits of each: 

Rather than say "I can't do this", we say "I can't do this yet."



1LN explored the human brain!


Still image for this video

We also attempted to make a brain using playdough!

The children have been completing a range of challenges through the week that have really pushed their perseverance skills to the limit!

Some of the challenges included, building a tower in pairs that had to be the exact same height as one metre, filling up a peg board with pegs before the sand timer ran out and creating a piece of art work from a painted dot, inspired by 'The Dot' written and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds.

The children talked about the challenges they faced, and what they did to improve and be successful. 

How you can help at home 


  • Praise the amount of effort your child is putting into things rather than how clever they are.
  • Talk to your children about their brain being like a muscle - the more they use it, the stronger it gets. 
  • Encourage your children to not give up if they are finding something difficult.
  • Challenge your children to try something new or challenging.

Click on the link to see Mrs Esplin introducing a whole school challenge involving 2 pence coins!

Our new topic for this Autumn 2 half term is Into the Woods, and what a great introduction we had. Year 1 went on their first school trip of the year to Nell Bank in Ilkley. 


The children were given the opportunity to explore contrasting habitats and discover first-hand how animals use their senses to survive. We even had the opportunity to go pond dipping! By the end of the visit the children were able to name all the woodland animals and describe where they live.


The children were an absolute credit to the school and behaved impeccably! Take a look at some of our photos!

The children are experiencing what it is like to be a mole!

Still image for this video

The children are playing rabbit and weasel! Run!!!

Still image for this video

Run rabbits, run!!

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The children wrote lots of facts about hedgehogs using their neatest cursive handwriting. Our most surprising facts were that hedgehogs can swim and climb walls!

Music in Year 1

The children have been practising playing the “Goodbye” song on the glockenspiels with Mr Jennings. They worked in pairs, taking turns and helping each other read and play the notes.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Our favourite word in 1LN is AUTUMN! The children are enjoying the seasonal changes and are bringing lots of things they have found on their way to school! More pictures to follow...

The children went on an Autumn walk around the school grounds. They made lots of observations and recorded these in the form of pictures, descriptive sentences and captions.

1LN have taken advantage of the glorious Autumn sunshine. The children enjoyed their turn on our brand new trim trail!

The children have been enjoying gymnastics with Miss Margiotta. Watch out Olympics!