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The children have had an exciting couple of weeks watching the eggs hatch and chicks grow. Today the children got to have a cuddle with our chicks. 

Measuring height


The children worked in pairs to develop their understanding of measuring height. The children spoke in brilliant full sentences to explain their findings using vocabulary taller and shorter. 

Our visit to the school library 

Doubling and Halving

Sponsored write

We did it! Today the boys and girls in both classes completed their sponsored write. Thank you to the parents who came to support our event. We were very impressed by how well the children concentrated and the writing they produced. Keep up the super writing everyone!


Look at the amazing models that the children have been making using the foam bricks. The children always impress us, using their imagination to construct different models.


Building with the wooden blocks

It’s a numicon game!

The children had lots of fun creating their own game today using the crates, pipes and giant numicon. They collected the right amount of balls to match the numicon piece and took it in turns to roll the balls down the pipes. What a brilliant idea!


The children have been learning some new balances and positions in PE with Miss Jagger. The children worked in pairs to create a sequence of three different moves. We used the IPads to record their performances and then reflected on them, thinking about what went well and what we can change next time. Well done everyone.

PE in the playground


The children have been working on their tennis skills using the racquets and tennis balls. 

They balanced the balls on their racquets as they moved round the area thinking about keeping in a safe space.  They also tried very hard to gently tap the balls upwards and then downwards to keep them bouncing up in the air and then on the ground. 


Our Easter Service at 

Bramley Baptist Church

Thursday 18th April 2019

Musical instruments


Well done to all the boys and girls who got creative over the holidays, making a musical instrument. It has been lovely to see so many different designs. 

Technology in the ICT Suite


With the sun now shining, the children are having lots of fun exploring in the outdoor area. They have loved making dens, using them as an office, pre-school and tent! 

Using shapes inside

The children have used paper shapes, glass pebbles and pipe cleaners to create their own pictures using their imagination. 

Using shapes outside

We have been using the big shapes outside to design and create different patterns and pictures. Can you guess what we have made? 

Pancake Day

The children enjoyed themselves celebrating pancake day. We read the story The Little Red Hen and talked about the ingredients used to make pancakes. We then wrote our own instructions to follow. Thank you to Jemma for helping us make our tasty pancakes. We enjoyed them with syrup and chocolate sauce. Yum!


The children have enjoyed watching the daffodils grow in the outdoor area. They used magnifying glasses to look closely at them. 


The children have impressed us learning all about time this week. They made their own clocks and used it to show o’clock. Super work!

Making boats 

The children have used different materials to design and make a boat. We thought about the different types of boats and which materials would be best to use to make sure that our boats would float. The children then tested their boat in the water tray to see if it would float or sink. 

Disco time!

Forest Garden Activities

Have a look at some of our displays in the classrooms.

Let’s be creative 


Colour by numbers 

Phase 2 Sounds

Meet the Oxford Reading Tree Characters

Two, three, four!


This week we have been reading Owl Babies. Three baby owls, Sarah, Percy and Bill, wake up one night in their hole in a tree to find that their mother has gone. So they sit on a branch and wait. Darkness gathers and the owls grow anxious, wondering when their mother will return. But, at last, she does, and they bounce up and down with joy, welcoming her home.


The children have impressed us with their super listening skills, showing 5 on the carpet and asking and answering questions about the story. They were very excited about our special visit when the bird of prey came school.

Some of our clay owl babies

Stay and Play

Our busy first weeks at school

Cosmic Kids Yoga Disco 


The children love our Yoga Disco sessions at the end of the day. They have already learnt how to bunny hop, do the washing machine and tumble dryer move! We have been learning the 'Hot Air Balloon' move (a breathing exercise) and lots of other fun yoga moves - all to a funky electro beat. Get your child to show you at home! Watch the videos below. 

Bunny Bounce!

Hot Air Ballooning!

Washing Machine Song!