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Week 5

Hello again Year 6 


We hope that you have had a lovely Easter week. We are missing you all and hoping that you and your families are keeping healthy and happy. 

How did you find the learning about Magic last week? (If you have now downloaded the Seesaw app then please send us photos of any work that you have completed. We would love to see it!)


Our theme this week is... 


Inventions and Inventors







Some activities that you could try this week: 

  • Research some famous inventors and inventions and record some key facts. It could be anything or anyone! The website has lots and lots of useful information and videos about many different inventors and inventions.
  • Design your own invention! Think about designing something that will make your life and everybody else's life easier. Think about the design process we do in school before we make our final product: What is the purpose of your design? Who is your target audience? What materials would you need to use? How are you going to make the final product?
  • Try and make your invention! I'm sure you might have lots of recycling items in your house that you could use to try and make your invention e.g. old bottles, cardboard, paper. Make sure that your parent/carer is ok with you using the objects first!
  • Design (and make if possible) your own educational game! It can be on any subject. You might design and make it for a younger sibling to help them with their home learning. It might be useful to use the idea of a game that you like and adapt it to your subject. There is an example of an English revision game in the attachments below called Englishopoly, see how they have adapted the famous monopoly game to their subject and even have a go at playing it!
  • Attached below is a Reading comprehension on a famous inventor. Within the file there are 3 different comprehensions based on difficulty. 
  • Write a story that includes your invention or write a newspaper report about your invention being unveiled to the world.Is it going to be a massive success? Is something going to go wrong? What is so special about this new invention?
  • Create your own set of fluent in 5 maths questions for a relative.

Starting this week are the BBC online lessons.

There is a range of lessons for each year group across school and across every subject.

Follow the link below for subject specific information. 


The following link is this week's BBC lessons specifically designed for Year 6. On the schedule for this week is a lesson about starting Secondary School - very useful as we start to think about your transition for high school in September.





We hope that you have fun trying out these challenges! Remember to keep using other areas of the school website for home learning support, and please send us photographs or even just messages about how you are finding these tasks on Seesaw if you can. 


Stay safe! 


Miss Buxton and Miss Garner