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Spring 1

The children have written riddles for some rainforest animals. They tried hard to use different sentence openers, conjunctions and even an exclamation sentence to make their riddles more interesting to the reader.


As part of our topic on habitats, the children worked in pairs to create shoe box habitats using a variety of resources. We are very proud of the finished results!

Autumn 2

The children enjoyed creating melted snowman biscuits to enjoy at their Christmas party later that day. 

The Great Fire of London


The children learnt lots taking part in a Great Fire of London workshop just before the end of term. The day began with the children exploring drawings of the time and listening to recounts of how the fire spread. They then used boxes and paint to create their own replica city, learning about the materials which were used to build houses at that time. After lunch, the children then got to experience a real fire, when their cardboard city was set alight. They also learnt about fire safety and the impact that weather conditions can have on a fire. 

Autumn 1

All Creatures Great and Small


The children created self portraits in the style of Roy Lichtenstein. They used the dot print technique to copy his style of art work.  

The children had great fun when Zoo Lab came to visit. They met a giant snail, a bearded dragon, a snake, a rat and a toad. They got to look at the snake skin which has been shed by the snake they met and learnt lots of interesting facts about each animal. 

Growth Mindset


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During the first few days back the children have been thinking about the value of having a 'growth mindset'. They listened to a story about the importance of perseverance and then had a go at building towers in teams, persevering even when their towers got knocked down. They ended up with some brilliant creations!