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After the Fall display project! 


As part of our courage project for the first two weeks of the new year, we worked together collaboratively to create a display based on the amazing picture book After the Fall by Dan Santat.


Below is some photographs of us working and our final product. It is something to promote having a growth mindset, reminding us to get back up even if we fall. 

Autumn 1- Living things and their Habitats


In Science today we have been classifying plants. We learnt about 5 different plant groups: Conifers, Ferns, Mosses, Grasses and Flowering plants. We then improved our exploration and observation skills in the nature garden and around the school field to identify different plant groups. Take a look at some photographs of our fun below!

Autumn 1- Mental Health Advice Posters


This half term we have been learning about what mental health is, what illnesses link to mental health, stigma relating to our health and well-being and what we can do to support ourselves and others. The children have acted very maturely during all of our discussions, and we have created posters to promote positive mental health. Some of these will be on display in our Y6 shared area to put a smile on people's faces and hopefully help them if they are ever in need. 


'If you can be anything, be kind' 

Global workshop! 

Year 6 were lucky enough to have a visitor deliver a global workshop about Agents of Change. We looked at influential figures who have made changes in the world, as well as local Agents of Change who inspire us. Below are some images of our fun!

Healthy: Inside and Out Day! Autumn 2 


Today, 6JB showed great maturity as we discussed body image- what it is and how we can be influenced by it. We explored the concepts of photoshop, social media and celebrity 'ideals'. Ask your child about something they have learned today. 


Below are some examples of our mindfulness hand art which will come together to create a beautiful Y6 display in our shared area.