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Year 3

Staff in Year 3

Teachers - Mrs Kennedy, Miss Walker and Mrs Swiers

Support staff - Miss Ash, Mrs Howarth and Mrs Walker

A baketastic day 

We have been learning all about weighing in maths this week. We decided to put our measuring skills to the test and bake biscuits. We used the scales to carefully weigh out the ingredients and worked really well as a team to produce some super tasty iced biscuits!  

Maths in 3SW
We have been learning all about measuring. This week we looked at length and different ways we can measure it. We use a metre stick to measure out 8 metres. We threw our beanbags and estimated the distance. We then used our trundle wheel to check we were correct! 

Mathematics in 3LK

We made potions whilst we learnt about understanding and using millilitres and litres. It was a shame we couldn't drink them!

Measuring in ml.

Our Year 3 and 4 performance last month was a huge success! Here are some photographs...

All about Spain 

This half term we have been learning all about Spain. To celebrate finishing our topic we have had a Spanish food tasting day. We tried; Chorizo, Spanish omlette, patatas bravas (potatoes), paella and serrano ham. 

Baking Bread

As part of our DT topic, we have been learning all about bread. We have tasted different kinds of bread and we also designed out own. On Wednesday we got to bring our creations to life!! This linked really well with our English topic of instructions, as we had to follow a recipe very carefully to ensure our bread was perfect. It tasted fab! 

Growth Mindset

We have been learning all about Growth Mindset. We have introduced 4 characters into our school; Major Mistake, Professor Perseverance, Captain Challenge and Inspector Independent. 

We tried out a challenge of making the tallest tower we could using only 2 pieces of paper, our hands and our brain. We had to persevere at this!! 

We also tried out our school challenge of catching the 2p coin in our hands. Some of us managed to catch 4 coins at once!! 

We thought of a time when we had to persevere with something. A time where we made lots of mistakes, but we didn't give up. We then created a comic strip of the story to remind us to always keep trying no matter how hard it is! 

We read a book called 'You Be You.' It is about how everyone is unique. Everyone learns and does things in different ways. We painted pebbles to represent all the different fish in the sea...
Falling into THE PIT is part of A Learning Journey. We often find new things difficult and realise that we need support and strategies to help us. 3LK labelled each step of the way with the character's thoughts and feelings.

In Science we have been learning about rocks. We made different rock types from chocolate. SEDIMENTARY rocks are those formed in layers for example limestone or slate (milk, white and dark chocolate showed this!) METAMORPHIC rocks were another kind of rock that has been changed by heat or pressure such as marble (we squeezed the sedimentary chocolate rocks into a ball!)


The week beginning the 14th November was International Week. The whole school was learning about a different Spanish speaking country. 3LK studied Ecuador and South American artwork.

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