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Spring 2

Our big question for this half term is:

What was life like in Britain during World War 2?

Throughout this half term we will be developing and building upon our previous half term's  knowledge of World War 2. However unlike last half term, we will be focusing on the war from the British side. We will be learning about how the war affected Britain and what it was like in Britain throughout the 6 year battle. Some key themes we will focus on are: the purpose of propaganda, the Blitz, evacuation, women's roles, rationing and how the war ended. 

In order to be able to answer our big question, our Topic lessons are sequenced carefully and aim to answer a specific question. Our lesson questions are below:

1. why and how were people enthused to join the war effort?

2. What will a night during the Blitz have been like?

3. What was Operation Pied Piper?

4. What was rationed during WW2?

5. Did women just stay at home during WW2?

6. How did WW2 end?

Spring 1

Even though this half term has been very different due to the online learning, we have still thoroughly engaged and enjoyed our topic.

Our big question for this half term is:

What have we learnt from The Holocaust?

During this term we are learning all about the German side of the war and answering our half term question. In order to be able to answer our big question, our Topic lessons are sequenced carefully and aim to answer a specific question. Our lesson questions are below:


1.Who were the Axis and Allied powers?

2.Who was Hitler and what were some of his core beliefs?

3.What was The Holocaust?

4.What was a concentration camp and what were they like?

5.What did Hitler and The Nazis do to Jews?

6.Why did people believe in Hitler and follow his brutal orders?


Our class novel for this half term is 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' by John Boyne. We thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and following the story of Bruno, who is a young boy living during World War 2. He knows his Father is very important within the Nazi party, but being young, he does not know the true extent to his Father's job. Our protagonist is a very adventurous boy and begins to explore the area surrounding his new house, unaware of the true extent of the horrors he uncovers.

Autumn 2 

Our question for this half term was 

'Who were the Victorians and what did they do for us?'


Over the half term we learnt lots of information all about The Victorians including: placing the Victorian era in time, comparing the life of the rich and poor, learning all about the workhouse, jobs which children were forced to do and what a Victorian school was like.

We had a lot of fun for our Victorian day in school where we came to school dressed as Victorians. We experienced what a Victorian school was like and were taught by Mrs Stern (Mrs Watson) - it was a lot stricter and very different to modern day schooling!


Our class novel for this half term was Street Child by Berlie Doherty. It follows the life of little Jim Jarvis, who has had a very tough childhood, on the Victorian streets.

Autumn 1- Living things and their Habitats


In Science today we have been classifying plants. We learnt about 5 different plant groups: Conifers, Ferns, Mosses, Grasses and Flowering plants. We then improved our exploration and observation skills in the nature garden and around the school field to identify different plant groups. Take a look at some photographs of our fun below!