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Year 4

Staff in Year 4

Teachers - Mrs Wood, Miss Greenan and Miss Geldard (4/5)

Support staff - Mrs Taylor, Mrs Meston (4/5) and Mrs Mellies (4/5)

Congratulations to Bradley who has gained the first gold award in Mathletics for our class. Hopefully this will be the first of many!
We spent Science Day investigating the best way to make bridges stronger. Each group then had just one piece of A4 paper to make the strongest bridge they could.
Josh, Mitchell and Callum made lots of supports from half of their paper. Their bridge held 700g!
Thank you to everyone who brought in an aeroplane for the science competition. Our winner was Bradley, as his very creative plane stayed in the air for the longest. Aurimas also won a prize for his creativity in designing his.
Class newsletters

In 4GW we are really proud of all the children who made a great effort with their holiday homework. We have seen some excellent games all about Yorkshire and really enjoyed being able to play them with our friends.

Big congratulations to Henley Chatterton, who completed ALL of his holiday homework and came up with a super snakes and ladders based game helping us to learn more about the major cities in Yorkshire. 

Growth Mindset Week

Last week we had a fantastic week learning all about our brains and how we learn. We met four new characters: Major Mistake, Inspector Independence, Captain Challenge and Professor Perseverance. These characters all had a story that helped us understand what the words meant and also how to use them in our learning. All through the week, 4GW have been challenging themselves and learning that mistakes are what help us to learn but learning is not easy so we really need perseverance!

Take a look at some of our Growth Mindset learning. It wasn't easy, but we all tried our best and never gave up!


Paper Dollies

These were trickier than we thought. We used Major mistake and Professor Perseverance to help us here.

Sudoku Challenge


We needed to try and work independently to solve the challenge. After we had tried on our own, we asked a partner or others to help us. Some of us picked the hardest challenge and learned that it is good to feel stuck as long as you know how to help your self.