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We know how to sit on the carpet! 

Summer 2


These are some of the stories we will be reading this term. 

Our trip to Kirkstall Abbey Toy Museum.

We travelled on a coach to Kirkstall Abbey. 1LN went to the museum first so we spent time on the playground. We then brought out the parachute and played some fun games. After a picnic lunch we went across the road to the Toy Museum. The lady showed us lots of old toys and we had to figure out how they worked. MrS Coleman gave us some old pennies and we put them in the old machines.

D.T Make a toy house.

We researched toy houses and the different materials we could use. We then made a mood board to show what we wanted the house to look like. We then spent many days making our perfect toy house.


In R.E this week we were looking at the key features of a church. We decided to walk down to our local church. We saw stained glass windows, gargoyles and a cross.

Summer 1

Wild in Africa!

Our Big Question: What is it like to live in Africa?

African drumming

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Chris came to show Year One his collection of African drums. We were able to play them too!


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Knowledge Organiser

Spring Term

We have tried some hot cross buns.

We drew some crosses and put inside images from the last supper and the crucifixion.

We can also tell you the story so please ask your child!
World Book Day

We wore our pyjamas and read lots of stories.

We made Elmer Elephants, stick puppets and a bookmark to take home.

Red Nose Day
In English we are reading Jack and the Beanstalk. The children took turns to hot-seat, where they pretended they were either Jack or the Giant.
We have been using lots of different resources to help us with our maths. We are learning our number bonds to 20 and also how to find the answer to a number sentence. We can use words such as addition, equals and subtraction!
Autumn Term 

We have been reading a fantastic book about being courageous even when we don’t feel so brave!

We then made some fantastic lion faces using paper plates and coloured card.


We have be talking about the word ‘belonging’ during our R.E lessons. We know that we belong to 1JC, the school, clubs, the church and to Bramley. We found examples of belonging around school. 

Our poem called October

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We videotaped ourselves and it was played for the whole school!
Today we took part in the wedding of Eddie and Hollie. We talked about commitment and support and swapping of rings. The children had a great experience at church and were ever so well behaved!


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Today we went to church for a christening of baby Cherry. Luna and Jacob were very proud parents. The godparents were Jack, Arrietty and Layla. We put oil on the baby’s head in the shape of a cross and Vicar Paul said a blessing.


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Jingle bells

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Christmas sign language

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