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Our topic for Spring 1 is...Destination Outer Space!  

Our BIG QUESTION is... is there anyone out there?

This story is about feelings of an alien who crashed to Earth.

We were thinking of words to describe the story

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Bob the man on the moon is a fantastic read with a suprise ending!

Space work

Our new topic is called 'Into the woods'.

I wonder what we will find in there!

Some of the books we will be reading .

Children in Need day

Our trip to muddy Nell Bank

Nell Bank was amazing and very muddy! We found out about owls and mice, rabbits and foxes, and even a mole! We found out about new words, such as nocturnal,prey, predator and omnivore. We ate our dinner outside and even had time for a play on the playground.

It was a beautiful wedding at church today!

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Well done to all the children who took part in the wedding. It was beautiful!

Today we witnessed Esmae and Blake get married at the church. Ask us about it!

Baptism of baby Ember at church

We enjoyed recording our dough characters so much that we also made stick puppets.


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     Supertato to the rescue!      


We have been reading Supertato in class and decided to make some characters with play dough. We then added our own voices and we think it is sooo funny!


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It is really important to discuss how we are feeling every morning with our emotional register.

Time adverbials to practise.

We can show 5 on the carpet!

Showing 5 means ...

legs are crossed,

lips are zipped,

ears are listening,

eyes are watching,

hands are still.


Our topic this term is called 'All about me'. We have been taking photographs of ourselves to make into fantastic artwork. We are also going to compare ourselves with when we were babies. Thank you for all the cute photographs!

Welcome to 1JC !