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Describe a character

Describing a character.

A character description helps you to imagine what a character is like.

What they look like.


How they behave


Now you try some character descriptions yourself

Listen to the story ' Three little wolves and the Big Bad Pig' to get to know some new characters.

Click on the picture below to listen

While you listen think about how you would describe the characters the wolves and the pig.


Activities you could have go at after listening to the story:


  • Write a list of 10 adjectives (remember these are describing words) or noun phrases each that describe the wolves and the pig.


  • Imagine the pig has gone missing and you need to write a wanted poster for him. Remember to include a description of what he looks like, how he might be behaving and what kind of place you might find him.


  • Pretend you were the pig and you are writing a letter to your Grandma to tell her all about the wolves you have met.


 You could pick another character from a book you like, someone you know, one of you friends or a TV character to write a description of.


Try one of the same activities about them or make a set of top trumps cards about all your favourite characters.


Here are some other ideas and resources to help you write a description: