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Year 3



From the staff in Year 3: Mrs Kennedy, with Mrs Abendstern, Mrs Walker and  Mrs Pullen (Mon-Wed) and Miss Williamson, with Mrs Anderson.





Science Day May 2018. What makes the best parachute? Materials? Size?

"Stay And Write," May 2018. THANK YOU for coming!

Floating islands by 3LK... and YES every single one DID actually float!

The children in 3RS have created some very authentic Stone Age cave paintings!

In 3LK we made cocktails to represent our colourful personalities.

This half term we're learning about Light, The Romans and the Sikh faith; reading "Five Children and It," by Edith Nesbit and mastering money and time!


Things you could do to help your children this half term: ask what time it is! Year 3 will be practising telling the time to the nearest minute. "It's twelve minutes past three..." etc

Recite the 3x 4x and 8x table. Ask what change there will be when buying items in a shop. What coins will you need?


International Week - what is climate change?

During International Week, Year 3 learnt about the climate. Did you know there are over 6.4 billion empty plastic bottles thrown into the sea every year? Recycling them is better, but the children learnt that this process still causes harm to the planet by contributing to Global Warming. A better solution is to reuse... The children in 3LK made 'floating islands,' based on the real-life 'Spiral Island,' off the coast of Mexico. The real island was made from over 150,000 unwanted plastic bottles.