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Week beginning 18th January 2021
This week in our 'Good Learners' folder we had:

Major Mistake





Professor Perseverance

 Y1 Home Learner - Holly H - For completing all work online to an excellent standard 

 Y2 -   Regan P : For trying so hard with all his learning this week, in particular his writing. 

 Y2 Home Learner - Ewen B : For trying so hard with his home learning, even the parts he finds a bit tricky. 

 Y3 Home Learner - Bane J-B : For an excellent poem about The Iron Man 

 Y4 Home Learner - Jaden S : Worked really hard to catch up & complete all home learning

 Y6 Home Learner - Aimee H & Maddy K : Overcoming Seesaw challenges and sharing high-quality work 


Captain Challenge

 Y1 - Isla W - For going on Google Earth and writing about the capital cities around the UK

 Y3 Home Learner - Leo J : For writing at length 

 Y5 -  Isobelle F : Challenging herself to not only use hyphenated words but to use a range of sentence structures in her writing.                                       

 Y5 Home Learner  - Ziemowit W : Challenging himself to complete all tasks set in a neat and thoughtful manner and returning it promptly           


Inspector Independence

 Y2 - Home Learner - Alfie S : For completing all his Seesaw activities, mostly independently and trying his best in all that he does

 Y3 Home Learner -  Scarlett S : For getting into a great home learning routine and sending every piece of work back to seesaw.  

 Y4 - Erynn T : Super attitude to her independent work.

 Y6 - Pieter M  : Working incredibly hard all week, in every lesson, producing high quality work - Being a model student! 


Stars of the day

Week beginning 4th January 2021 


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