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Weekly achievers

Week beginning 22nd March 2021
This week in our 'Good Learners' folder we had:

Major Mistake





Professor Perseverance

3LK - The Whole Class - For adjusting to home learning.

5HC - Darin S - Settling well into class and persevering with the work he has been set.

6LG - Myla Mc-B - Having an increased attitude and enthusiasm for Maths, putting her hand up a lot more. 





Captain Challenge

2ED - Blake B - For being the fraction king in Maths.

2RH - Delilah M - For improving her behaviour and a fantastic recorder lesson.

4SM - George W - For being determined to learn his times table facts and being well on the way.





Inspector Independence

1JC - Eddie G - Writing Jack and the Beanstalk with beautiful writing.

1LN - Freddie M - Writing Jack and the Beanstalk with beautiful writing.

3KJ - Lacey Mc - For always doing the right thing and trying her best with everything.

4BW - Grayson M. - For managing any distractions in the class and working so hard in his independent tasks. 







Tommy M-Y  Darcy H   Oscar K   Emelia M   Grace H

Stars of the day

Week beginning 2021 


RPC - Tommy M-Y   Darcy H   Oscar K   Emelia M   Grace H



RJR - 











Attendance trophy

Week beginning  


The winners are        with a fantastic    %