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Children's achievements

We are pleased to announce that 4SM are the winners of our attendance trophy for the spring term, achieving an average of 96.1%   Well done 4SM!


Children who achieved an individual attendance percentage for this time over 96% were invited to our Bramley Dollar shop today to receive a small token to recognise their achievement. Altogether, from years 1 to 6 (compulsory school age attendance) we handed out 175 prizes.  


We still have 46 children throughout school with an attendance score of 100% for the whole year!


Well done!

Mrs Lambert and Mrs Bell

Weekly achievers

Week beginning 22nd May 2023

This week our 'Good Learners' are:


Major Mistake



Professor Perseverance



Captain Challenge

  6LS - Oakley P. - For recognising some of his mistakes at playtimes and making better decisions. Also for challenging himself in English, showing pride in his work and picking some great figurative language for his mythical creature writing. 






Inspector Independence

   3AW - The whole class for having a great attitude on our school trip.

   3HG - The whole class for having a great attitude on our school trip.

   4SM - Rosie F. - For developing an independent attitude, especially in her Maths learning.

   5BW - Olivia F. - Olivia has blown me away this week with her independent diary entry. A super piece of writing and a great independent attitude!


Stars of the day

Attendance trophy

Week beginning 22nd May 2023  


The winners are 2KJ with a fantastic 98%