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Week beginning 17th January 2022

This week our 'Good Learners' are:


Major Mistake

  3AW - Tia-Rose Mc. - For editing her English work this week and correcting her spellings whilst also persevering with all tasks set. Very proud of her attitude to learning.



Professor Perseverance

  4SM - Harley E. - For working hard to keep going with his learning across all areas.


Captain Challenge

  1HR - Nathaniel W. - For following instructions and showing 5 all week, getting plenty of Dojos as he finds it challenging to sit on the carpet.

  3HG - Alexis G. - For challenging herself to write expanded noun phrases independently.

  5BW - Miller S T. - Miller has been working very hard this week and has been listening with great attention. He has contributed lots of ideas in class and really challenged himself in all his learning.

  5HC - Skyla-Blu I-W. - Skyla has been working hard in her English to plan and write the opening of an Arabian Night story. She thought carefully about her sentence structure and included a 3ed sentence.

  6LG - Immie M. - Challenging herself in Maths, choosing challenge 3 on a tricky concept.




Inspector Independence

  1JC - Emelia M. - For her Maths and English work this week. She has tried really hard this week to do it on her own.

  2RH - Logan B. - For working independently in everything that he does. He is so kind to others and is a great member of our class.



Stars of the day

Attendance trophy

Week beginning 17th January 2022  


The winners are 6LG with a fantastic 98%