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Weekly achievers

Week beginning 11th October 2021

This week our 'Good Learners' are:


 Major Mistake

   5BW - Erynn T. - Erynn is always so willing to laern from her mistakes and try to improve her work.


 Professor Perseverance

   2RH - Evan B. - For persevering when things get tricky and making great choices this week.

   4CC - Jayden Mc. - For swimming backstroke.     



 Captain Challenge

    2KJ - Hollie H. - Using really good mathematical vocabulary when comparing two numbers.  



 Inspector Independence

   1JC - Maisie C. - Maisie has written some fantastic sentences in English this week, about Supertato without help.

   1HR - Eden M. - For brilliant sentences in her English this week independently.

   3AW - Murphy N. - For becoming more Inspector Independence with all his work.

   3HG - Sebastian M. - For always being exited about a challenge and trying his best.

   4SM - Manatsa C. - For using all her learning to write a character description with expanded noun phrases, a 2A sentence and a similie.

   5HC - Grayson M. - For always having a fantastic attitude to his learning and using resources and working walls to support his independent work.

   6LG - Luke S. - Working hard in Maths, independently finding multiples of 2 digit numbers.

   6JB - Isobelle F. Always working independently, particularly impressing us with her Geography knowledge organiser about Tsunamis.   


Stars of the day

Attendance trophy

Week beginning 11th October 2021  


The winners are 6LG with a fantastic 97.7%