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Home Learning

General Ideas
Click on the document below to find the resources from the home learning pack (children have brought home paper copies of this). 
Click on the documents below for reading, writing and maths activities for Year 3 pupils. 

Click on the spelling document below

Step 1 - can your child read the words?

Step 2 - can they spell them?

Step 3 - are they able to use them in their writing?

Children will also receive 10 words a week to learn. Given on Fridays for a spelling test the following Friday.

Please help them to learn the words each week.

Click on the handwriting document below

This gives a sample of the writing style taught in school. Encourage your child to copy a few lines to practise the joins.

Times tables

Children in Year 3 should know the 2x, 5x and 10x tables. If not, there's no harm in practising!

After that they begin to learn 3x 4x and 8x.

Step 1: Say the times table in order, as below.

Step 2: Ask random questions, "What are 3 3s?" "What is 3 multiplied by 10?" "What are 5 lots of 3?" (Extension: How many 3s are there in 30? Division related facts).


Please note that counting in 3s (3,6,9,12,15....) is step counting, NOT multiplying. Children will struggle to answer random questions without starting at the beginning each time.


zero 3s are zero

one 3 is 3

two 3s are 6

three 3s are 9

four 3s are 12

five 3s are 15

six 3s are 18

seven 3s are 21

eight 3s are 24

nine 3s are 27

ten 3s are 30

eleven 3s are 33

twelve 3s are 36