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In preparation for high school, Year 6 children receive homework on a Friday and it is due in on a Monday. It will be based on their learning and should be completed independently and neatly with pencil. Please support your child in ensuring they take their homework seriously as it is a great way for them to develop skills like independence and resilience and it allows Miss Buxton and Miss Garner to identify any areas they may need further support. Thank you very much frown

Children will receive spellings on a Friday and must practise them regularly throughout the week in order to complete a test on the following Thursday/Friday. We recommend 15 minutes a day. Spelling Shed is a great method to learn them by playing games and completing assignments. The spellings for each week will be set as an assignment on Spelling Shed. Pupils have a username and password and can even access it on their phones! Each class will display the top 3 spellers of the week within the classroom and rewards will be given!

Let's ensure Year 6 win the weekly Spelling Shed competition no 

The Spelling SAT is likely to be made up of a mixture of the Years 5/6 and 3/4 spellings. Keep learning them so you are prepared to get 20/20!  You can access both of these spelling lists on Spelling Shed or even in your reading records! yes

Fluent times tables from 0-12 is an absolute must by Year 6 and will really help the children in their Maths SATs. It is also important they know the related division facts eg. If 6 x 4 = 24, then 24 divided by 6 = 4. Very speedy tablers will also be able to supersize and super skinny their tables.