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Summer 2



In Maths...


We have been putting our problem-solving skills into practice!

Working in pairs we:

  • worked systematically
  • spotted patterns
  • worked backwards to find answers
  • reasoned logically
  • chose our own apparatus to help us work out our answers!


Summer 1

Look at our beautiful cursive handwriting!


The children have been writing letters to the Maasai tribe in Kenya, Africa. The children thought of many interesting questions to include in their letters.

In Geography...

we have been using the iPads and atlases to locate Africa and Kenya. We have also been finding out interesting facts about Africa using iPads and non-fiction books. "Did you know, Africa is very hot and over 1 billion people live there?" (Sam)

In PE we have been doing African dancing, travelling around the hall like African animals, and also practising our yoga poses.

The children are enjoying sharing our brand new class library books. Especially the boys!

In Art, the children have been painting flowers in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe. We observed her paintings very closely, to help us paint our own in the same style.

Spring 2

1LN made some beautiful Mother's Day cards.

The children selected their favourite spring flowers and painted them using their fingertips. They carefully applied the paint onto their fingertips and printed the flowers onto their cards.

We have been busy doubling and halving!

We used lots of different resources to help us work out the answers. Then we wrote our doubling questions as a number sentence. Some children had a go at solving word problems in pairs!