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Spring 2

Gardeners' World

Our big question: Could you grow a banana in the United Kingdom?

London's Burning!

Our big question: Was the Great Fire of London really a disaster?


Look at our amazing display which shows some of our learning this half term. 


Our science topic this half term has been 'materials' and as part of this topic we looked at how materials can be changed by bending, squashing, stretching and twisting. To investigate this further we made bread and had to knead the dough to help it rise. Look at our tasty bread buns that we created! 

The children learnt lots taking part in a Great Fire of London workshop at the beginning of this term. The day began with the children putting themselves in role to think about how the fire spread and by finding out what houses would have looked like in 1666. 

Even though the weather was very different to the warm, windy weather back in September 1666, we still ventured outside to experience a real fire, when our cardboard city was set alight. We also learnt about fire safety and the impact that weather conditions can have on a fire (especially how very wet weather can cause a fire to go out!)

Brilliant Bugs!

Our big question: What would the world be like without bugs?


Bug Hotels

In our Design and Technology lessons this half term we have evaluated, designed and then made our own bug hotels. We had to look closely at bug hotels that were already made to see what we liked and didn't like about their design and then we used this to help us design and make our own.

Thank you for collecting lots of natural resources for your homework, it really helped us to make the hotels comfortable for the bugs. smiley



We had a visit from Zoo Lab on Friday 13th September. We met some fascinating creatures (a giant African land snail, millipede, corn snake and tarantula) and learnt lots of interesting facts about them. 

Growth Mindset

During the first week of our new school year we looked at growth mindset. We learnt about why it is important to persevere, even when things might seem difficult. We built some towers and worked on our perseverance to keep trying again, even if our towers fell down.