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Team building in 5HC

Today the children worked in groups to see who could build the tallest tower in five minutes using only spaghetti and marshmallows. They had to communicate and work together effectively in order to be successful.

Reading in 5HC

So far this year these are the books we have read as a class...

This morning, Mr Martin (our Year group governor) visited Year 5 and shared some of the books he had enjoyed reading as a child. 
In English we have been learning about debating and preparing a speech in order to participate in a formal debate about space exploration. Today we held our debates. 
Today the children chose to work either individually or in pairs to develop a story mountain in preparation for writing their own mythical stories later in the week. 
Today the children participated in forum theatre; they were presented with a problem and had to frieze frame their way through the issue until they could resolve it. 
In English today, the children have been considering mythical characters. They considered their sentence structure and vocabulary when writing a character description.
Today the children have considered everything we have learnt about setting descriptions and applied it to their own writing. They independently wrote setting descriptions.
In English this week the children have considered the language they are using carefully in order to develop setting descriptions.
In English today, 5HC went on an Autumn walk around Bramley Park to gather information in preparation for our writing later in the week. 



As part of our Viking topic, 'Ruthless killers or peaceful settlers', Year 5 went on a trip to Jorvik in order to find out about Viking life in Britain during the time of the Vikings. The children learnt about Viking clothes, houses, games and food and we became archaeologists digging for artefacts. They also listened to some Viking sagas and participated in some drama. 



In art this half-term, the children have been improving their drawing skills. They have learnt all about tone, texture, shading and perspective. Here are some of the drawings the children have done: 


In PSHE this half term, Year 5 have been learning about how things are portrayed in the media. In today's lesson, the children were comparing food adverts to the information on their labels. They discussed how misleading television adverts can be. They also participated in an activity in which they considered what influences people in their food choices.